I used to suppress my emotions. Anger, jealousy and sadness were too much to feel. Now, I have approval for all parts of myself.


Growing up I was my own worst critic. I’ve always been really hard on myself, whether that was achieving or how I showed with my family, with my friends, in relationships. I’ve definitely found in the past that relationships are about compromising and obligation – that anger, jealousy and sadness were emotions that were too strong, and I shouldn’t feel them.

Through OM, I was actually able to find permission to love myself in those places where I’d always been really hard on myself. The biggest change is approval from inside of me versus looking for it on the outside. I was always a tomboy, and growing up I thought it was important to be strong and powerful. I’ve realized through OM that strong and powerful as a woman can – being feminine – can be included in that. 

I’ve learned through OM that I can feel a range of emotion. Anger, jealousy, sadness, happiness, excitement…. they all go together and I can’t separate them out. I just feel a lot and it’s is not really up to me. Accepting them all has made me feel much more alive. 

.Vicky is a 27-year-old customer experience manager living in Los Angeles