A difficult breakup had made me like stone around men and sex. OM allowed me to learn how to follow my own body in sex, so I felt safe and in control.


I’d had a really difficult breakup and I really closed off and froze, and it sort of made my body become stone around men and I knew that something needed to change and it took me two months to start OMing because I was so scared to do it because I just had a lot of fear and insecurity and, then, once I began, I started to tune in and actually have my body turn on. I hadn’t had sex in a year and a half prior to OM and then I started OMing. Finally when I really felt connected enough to my body and I could actually hear my desires, then I could start to trust men and the idea of having sex again, and it was so beautiful and liberating and I felt so much more than any of the times I had sex prior to OMing. I’m learning to feel and hold and appreciate different sensations in my body and also in my life. So, being with the downs, being with the darkness and the different emotions and approving of those in myself and then being able to approve of those in others. Through the practice of OM I’ve been able to heal the places in me where I’ve felt closed or frozen and actually been able to melt and heal – like alchemize – a lot of what was stored in my body of trauma to then trust and open up. It’s actually not about sex. It’s about consciousness. 

Aimee is a 26-year-old life and desire coach living in Los Angeles.