I redefined beauty thanks to OM

"The idea that my hunger and my appetite were right and good just blew my mind. All of a sudden I had a vision of being a whole person. All of my parts were good: my body, my sexuality, my spirituality, my hunger, my desire." WATCH VIDEO

I learned a new language of connection

"I always knew inside my heart that two people can come together and connect on a deeper level." WATCH VIDEO

I felt held and seen for maybe the first time ever

"There was something in the being seen that made me feel beautiful. There was something in the lying back and being taken care of and allowing it to unfold that just unzipped my body." WATCH VIDEO

OM nourishes the man inside of me

"I think that I used to live to have the least amount of responsibility possible in my life — that that was the way to the best life." WATCH VIDEO

I healed my body through OM

"As I OMed more and more, I noticed that I could feel more sensation in my body, in my hands, in my chest, in my face. And it was almost like some part of me was coming down into my body." WATCH VIDEO

OM taught me how to feel again

"I used to have so much fear of connecting with other people. In OM, I relearned how to feel and opened myself to so much more in life." WATCH VIDEO

I feel seen and loved for the first time

"I wanted to run away. I was hiding so much. In OM, I got to be seen and held in all the spots I'd never been able to ask for." WATCH VIDEO

I recommend it to many of my patients

"I'm seeing changes in myself. What's more, I'm seeing stress hormone dropping in my patients and oxytocin and sex hormones rising naturally." WATCH VIDEO

I've learned to have approval for my emotions

"I used to suppress my emotions. Anger, jealous and sadness were too much to feel. Now, I have approval for all parts of myself." WATCH VIDEO

I used to have a two-dimensional relationship with women

"Now I'm just a man in a real relationship with a real woman with a lot of feelings and it's a lot of fun." WATCH VIDEO

I've cultivated my own rightness with myself

"I was living a life that others thought I should have. Now, I'm so lit up by my own passion for life." WATCH VIDEO

I relate to women in a new way

"I was so tired of having the same relationships and sex on repeat. OM challenged me to give up my charm and develop my authenticity." WATCH VIDEO

I went from trying to look good to feeling good

"OM taught me how to begin to feel the interior of me and as I felt the interior of me some part of the facade out here started to melt." WATCH VIDEO

I can flow through the ups and downs of life

"There was a lot of anxiety and stress before OM. Now I can drop past the anxiety into a more sensitive and attuned me." WATCH VIDEO

I became intimate with my own body

"A difficult breakup had made me like stone around men and sex. OM allowed me to learn how to follow my own body in sex, so I felt safe and in control." WATCH VIDEO

I gave up the formulas

"I used to use formulas with women. I thought OM was going to complete my toolbox. Instead, I learned how to ditch the toolbox.." WATCH VIDEO

I'm more comfortable around people

"I wouldn't speak up or stand up for myself. Now, I'm enjoying being social, and what's more, I'm letting my vision come into reality." WATCH VIDEO

I felt very limited in my emotional expression

"Now I feel a certain ease in my body telling the truth. Things were opening up in my body and in my relationship." WATCH VIDEO

I found myself looking for greater and greater levels of intensity

"What OM actually taught me is there’s so much intensity in every moment in just being alive, I don’t need to look for high intensity situations." WATCH VIDEO

I learned to ask for what I want

"The most profound thing that I got from learning to OM was in the asking. I finally discovered that I was actually asking from a deep fear and not good enough within myself." WATCH VIDEO

A virgin until I was 31, I can now feel my desire for sex with my partner and enjoy it

"When someone would tell me something tender about their life I could feel this warmth and this subtle fluttering in my heart center and I had the aha moment then, ‘Oh, this is because of OM.’" WATCH VIDEO