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Benefits for Mental & Emotional Health
Reduced Symptoms of Trauma: Increased ability to experience pleasure for people with childhood trauma
Improved Brain Function: Improved connection between key regions of the brain
Greater Emotional Health: Increased capacity for positive emotions and decreased anxiety and anger
Mystical or Spiritual Experience: Women show brain activity similar to being “at one.” Men show brain activity similar to being “in flow”

"OM can put the intimacy back in your Relationship."

"The result is incredibly empowering."

"OM is shifting the narrative, by taking the pressure off every-one."

"OM is a game changer for women who are way more comfortable giving pleasure than receiving it."

A Partnered
Attention-Training Practice

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a structured attention-training practice conducted between two people who are following a predefined set of detailed instructions.

The practice involves one person gently stroking the clitoris of the other person for 15 minutes while both partners place their attention on the point of contact and notice what they feel.

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  • Create intimacy, connection, and understanding in your relationships
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  • Develop regular access to a feeling of calm, energized creativity in your life
  • Increase connection, purpose, and joy in your life
  • Enhance your ability to hear and follow your intuition