Men and women worldwide have learned the Orgasmic Meditation practice to recover health and connection since 2003. These are their stories.

Why I OM

Nice Guy to Confident and Powerful

"My mother was a strong and independent woman. Very much so. She was very liberal, and growing up, my household followed that lead. I was raised on ..." READ MORE

I Learned to be Present in the Moment

"None of my relationships ever seemed to work out. After a string of “monogamous” relationships that would never actually end up being monogamous, I..." READ MORE

Approval For My Anger & Deepest Desires

"I emigrated from Russia to London with my family at age 15. To survive the transition, I learned to project a tough, macho kind of masculinity that..." READ MORE

From Seeing Red to Reading My Feelings

"Through my journey with Orgasmic Meditation, I’ve learned that as a cis male, I have to teach myself to feel. It’s an ongoing process and I’m still..." READ MORE

Throwing Away the Script

"When I look back, as a 56-year-old retired architect, I see that a lot of my life has been driven by a need for adventure. That has come in all sor..." READ MORE

Listening to What My Heart Desires

"I used to pride myself on the fact that I was very logical and quick-minded. I was an ambitious, Russian-born woman living in the UK, and I thought..." READ MORE

My Whole Life Opened Back Up

"I found out about OM at a financial group for women. It piqued my interest, so when I got an opportunity, I checked out a video by the founder, and..." READ MORE

Removing the Shame From Hunger

"After I split from my husband of nine years, I went into hibernation. My niece would visit and say, “Auntie Jocelyn, why are you so sleepy?” I knew..." READ MORE

The Emergence of My Vitality

"I was taking Tantra classes when I heard about Orgasmic Meditation through people I met in those programs. I was also online dating. One afternoon,..." READ MORE

Connection Healed My Depression

"When I first heard about Orgasmic Meditation, it was 2012 and I’d been suicidal for six months. I didn’t dare tell anyone about my suicidal thought..." READ MORE

Developing Boundaries and Confidence

"I was a doormat for people, a rescuer, a person everyone came to when they had crappy work they wanted done or didn't want to deal with something t..." READ MORE

My Heart Opened

"My mom was always open about sexuality. When I was a kid, she would talk about how sex was a really loving and magical experience. From books and m..." READ MORE

OM Gave Me a Place to Grieve

"In my early twenties, I married a man who checked all the boxes that my mother and grandmother thought were necessary. That is, all of the boxes ex..." READ MORE

I Gained Sensitivity and Connection to My Instincts

"Between the ages of 16 to 27, I tried so hard to find a girlfriend. I earned a Master’s degree in psychology just to study relationships. I paid or..." READ MORE

I Live By What I Feel

"Before I found OM, I had been celibate and out of relationship for about ten years. I was also in a highly traumatic situation. I was very devoted ..." READ MORE

I Could Relax For The First Time

"This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but the first time I went to an Orgasmic Meditation event, I didn’t realize what it was. A friend dragged me..." READ MORE

Somatic Meditation Only Scratched the Surface

"When I was six or seven years old, I developed a lot of awareness and curiosity around what it meant to be alive. From that point on, I became inte..." READ MORE

The Discipline of Practice

"My life used to be super linear, with a well-defined structure. You were supposed to check off boxes: get married, have kids, save money, retire. M..." READ MORE

Not Needing to Be Right

"I was a hyper-sensitive child. I could barely go into a room without feeling like I had to leave. I was anxious about being around other people, bu..." READ MORE

Touching My Soul through My Body

"I found OM via a book reading in San Francisco, and I was intrigued. I was recently divorced and wanted to get back in touch with my sexuality agai..." READ MORE

The Quality of My Attention

"My goal in life was to be a rescue swimmer, and I was pushing my body hard in that direction. I had been in the military, so I had a vivid masculin..." READ MORE