I redefined beauty thanks to OM

"The idea that my hunger and my appetite were right and good just blew my mind. All of a sudden I had a vision of being a whole person. All of my parts were good: my body, my sexuality, my spirituality, my hunger, my desire." WATCH VIDEO

I experienced renewed energy and vitality

"I was so exhausted that life on a whole was a major challenge. My OM practice has renewed my energy so well that I now have ample love and vitality for myself, my patients, and my family." READ MORE

Through OM I infused my life with care and meaning

"I started out as a self-described isolating workaholic and porn addict until OM allowed me to unfreeze my own feelings and eventually tap into a genuine level of empathy through my intuition." READ MORE

I learned to let my body lead in sex and in life

"It was his sex we were having, not mine. My sex is my own now... I determine the kind of sexual experience I have and respond with receptivity and openness." READ MORE

I learned a new language of connection

"I always knew inside my heart that two people can come together and connect on a deeper level." WATCH VIDEO

I learned to feel

"Years of psychotherapy could not help me feel as good about who I am as OMing does." READ MORE

I felt held and seen for maybe the first time ever

"There was something in the being seen that made me feel beautiful. There was something in the lying back and being taken care of and allowing it to unfold that just unzipped my body." WATCH VIDEO

I faced my addiction through OM

"Before OM, I wasn’t feeling really passionate about anything—relationships, sex, work, purpose. The flame of passion in me had gone out; OM reignited it." READ MORE

OM built a deeper level of honesty in my life

"When both of my grandfathers died, I felt more the shock of death than the loss of the relationships. As scary as intimacy seemed, it now seemed scarier to keep putting it off." READ MORE

I gained the courage to ask for my desires through OM

"When I had thought of leaving my job 20 years earlier, I had a breakdown. This time, I’d gotten in touch with my purpose. I have a clear path to what I really want in my life." READ MORE

OM has transformed my experience of touch to something nourishing

"OM has provided me such a sense of internal safety that I can now receive touch from the opposite sex as nourishing instead of something scary." READ MORE

Practicing OM has been a process of coming back to life

"I no longer make excuses for why something hasn’t happened yet, or why I’ve not gotten something I want. If I want it, I go for it." READ MORE

OM helped me stop reacting and learn to be present

"Through OM, I’ve taught myself what it means to be vulnerable—as a muscular response—so my body can tell when I’m not." READ MORE

I developed a more stable connection to myself

"Even my guitar playing has shifted as a result of my OM practice. Now, I am able to feel the audience and open my heart when I play, instead of shrinking and hiding." READ MORE

I’ve stopped living for anyone but myself

"In trying to turn myself into my husbands’ fantasies, I ignored myself and my three marriages ended in failure. OMing has helped me to live a life I love based on my feelings, needs, and desires." READ MORE

OM nourishes the man inside of me

"I think that I used to live to have the least amount of responsibility possible in my life — that that was the way to the best life." WATCH VIDEO

I learned how to have a relationship with myself

"I had given up my wants, needs, and desires to dysfunctional men most of my life and learning to OM helped me to anchor myself firmly in my own desires and to a life I love." READ MORE

OM freed me from a perpetual battle with my health

"I went from seeing the world as a threat to seeing it as a place of abundance and opportunity." READ MORE

I moved from emotional starvation to nourishing love

"‘I will be happy when people love me’ was the underlying current. It turns out, people love you when you are you." READ MORE

I’ve become skilled at making men brilliant around me

"[T]he question becomes, ‘How do we stay in the game? How do I make it so we can both win?’ It’s no longer, ‘Why isn’t this person doing exactly what I said?’" READ MORE

I’ve found relief from overwork and exhaustion

"Before, I was numb, always in my head, moving fast, fast, fast, getting very stressed. I never had a sense of being in the present moment. I would be completely exhausted every day. I found with OM I have a lot more energy." READ MORE