Awkward No More


Growing up I was pretty sheltered and socially awkward, especially around women. I felt uncomfortable because I just didn't know what to do or say. I also had a really overprotective mother, and I didn't want to upset her by bringing another woman into my life. I was finally able to date in college and communicate with women and have a sex life. But I was still shy and awkward.

I remember being at a party. An attractive woman was standing in a group of women. I held back. And then some guy walked up to her and whispered something in her ear. He took her to the dance floor, and they spent the whole evening together. A lost opportunity--one among many.

My first long-term partner had difficulty achieving orgasm, which angered me and made me feel incomplete as a partner. As a doctor, I knew a lot about female anatomy, but I felt that I needed to understand the whole dynamic a little bit more. So I Googled female orgasm and something called Orgasmic Meditation popped up. My initial impression was, “Wow, these people really want to take training and orgasm to another level.” I decided to give it a try.

When I read about OM, I was intrigued by the idea of meditation and orgasm. I’d dabbled in meditation and thought that OM might be more for the woman, to get her to relax and open up.

The first time I OMed, she was very eager, and I was very eager and nervous. She guided me a bit on the stroking, which took a lot more hand strength than I thought it might. I found it fascinating that you can transfer a bit of energy from your hands and fingers into someone else and they share that energy in return. 

My third OM felt warm and endearing. I felt the sensations as she was feeling them. There was a warmth and an electricity that I could feel start to build. And she was in such control! She slowed things down because she didn't want to climax. She wanted to go to a certain level, then come back down, and then go back up again. The intensity was pretty amazing. 

OM has enabled me to meet people from different walks of life—which has been really great for my shyness. I am not the same awkward man I once was. If only I had known then what I know now! I know so much more about female orgasm. I know each woman and each orgasm is different. I know that every woman has different requirements and needs different adjustments. I’m more in tune with a woman's facial expressions and her emotions. 

When I meet women now, I look them in the eye with more confidence because I've seen so many people open themselves up to me. I'm able to see the energy and vibe that people are giving off. I'm able to talk to people now and read their visual cues. I’ve learned to be more vulnerable, so they can feel vulnerable too.