Tapping the Energy


I'm ten years old, and I'm lying on my bed in the middle of the day. I can feel energy streaming through my body, creating visual patterns, wrapping me in its waves. I watch how that breath shifts all the sensations. 

I've always been highly sensitive to sensory stimuli, and I love investigating scientific phenomena. I used to take toys apart to fix them if they were broken or just to study how they worked.

When I recognized that I could move energy around in my body, I began to experiment with it. In stressful situations, I worked with my breath and found ways to calm myself. I learned how to use my mind to speed up my heart rate. Almost like a party trick, I would have someone put their hand over my heart, and I'd say, “Watch this.” They'd be amazed to feel my heart start to beat faster. 

I wanted to know how all these skills I was learning could be put to use in the world, in connection with other people. Starting with a visual mental image and my breath, I would spread my awareness outward into the world.

When I was a teenager, martial arts taught me about controlling the energy throughout the body. Eventually, by seeking out anything to do with energy and healing, I had chances to study reiki, tantra, energy transfer and different meditative states. I learned the language that went along with all the things I was already doing before I knew their names.

By the time I discovered OM, I had a vocabulary to talk about energy, and OMing offered rich, tactile experiences to play with that energy in connection. People who OMed understood where I was coming from.

In an OM, I especially like the grounding step, where the stroker places their hands on their partner’s thighs, adding a firm and still pressure. That is the first moment I can feel who they are, where I feel their energy and can truly tap into it. It’s the first point of physical and energetic connection. I can immediately sense how she is feeling, and both of our energies are given the chance to synch up with one another. 

While OMing I learned to feel and guide the energy with my partner, both of us co-creating a shared experience. 

The biggest thing my OM practice has given me is the willingness and ability to tap into more parts of myself emotionally. I’ve always had this lifelong goal to study the feminine. When I say feminine, I don’t just mean women, I mean feminine qualities like emotion and intuition too. I wanted to know what the feminine space was all about because it confused me a lot. Before OM, I was trying to conquer feminine energy and my practice taught me that’s not what it’s about. Now I bask in bright, feminine energy. 

OM has also sharpened my boundaries. In the past, I could easily lose myself in someone else's energy. Now I'm better able to hold solidly onto my own energy while experiencing the other person at the same time. With this newfound awareness, I feel much more relaxed and confident entering work with someone else, sharing energy to benefit both of us.