I used to have so much fear of connecting with other people. In OM, I relearned how to feel and opened myself to so much more in life.


I had so much fear of the feeling of connection and all of the ways that it would show up. I was afraid to actually connect to people. The practice let me actually experience in my body the feeling of wanting to be connected to other people and of knowing how accessible that was. It offered really I think a richness and a fidelity – you know like high quality sound where you can hear really beautiful music, and all the notes and all the subtlety of the instruments? It’s like that with life and just realizing “oh I’ve been listening on these little headphones my whole life," and finally I took them off and I sat in a concert hall and actually took in an entire bodily experience of what it’s like to be in that. Just being able to move your attention to the actual experiencing of life rather than the planning and execution of life. I learned how to pay more attention to that. Probably all categories of life that kind of richness just filled and informed and nourished. Now when I think of OM I think OM is sort of like training grounds for learning how to feel again and learning how to connect to other people in a deeply human way.

Matt is a 38-year-old CTO living in Arizona.