I wanted to run away. I was hiding so much. In OM, I got to be seen and held in all the spots I'd never been able to ask for.


Before OM, my experiences interacting with people felt very closed off and withdrawn. I couldn’t say whatever was on my mind, and I really just wanted to kind of run away. Before I could get right with any of the other stuff that I needed to deal with in my life, first I needed to establish safety. OM definitely did establish that internal sense of safety, where this is my body. I’m in control. I get to say what I do with it. What I want. What I don’t want, and I don’t actually have to do anything just to please anybody else other than me. 

It energizes you. It fills you up. It feels like you got seen in spots that you’ve always wanted to be seen and held in, but didn’t know how to ask for it. It helped me to have this level of trust with men that I’d never been able to achieve but I had always wanted to have. And, now, I’m noticing that I’m actually trying to seek out interactions and connecting with people. It’s a cleansing, cathartic feeling of all these things that you carry around in you and were never able to put down. It actually produces an amazing feeling of being loved and held and seen and met and it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve always wanted. 

Ariadna is a biochemist living in Los Angeles.