I'm seeing changes in myself. What's more, I'm seeing stress hormone dropping in my patients and oxytocin and sex hormones rising naturally.


It continues to surprise me with what it reveals about myself in terms of what I can feel and what my body is capable of. Something shifts, something grows, something opens, and then I’m kind of coasting for a while and then I climb what seems like another hurdle or mountain and I get another whole layer of depth and renewal in my body that I can see reflected to me by the people I’m interacting with. Even when I’m not in the OM, I’m able to just access more of the full spectrum of my emotional capabilities. As a medical professional, it’s become obvious to me that at the root of most illness is a level of stress. OMing actually just reduces the body’s baseline, default fight-or-flight. It’s a wonderful way to address medical issues, among so many other things. I actually have a colleague who noticed patients improving so dramatically that he started measuring hormone levels and noticing that their stress hormone was coming down simultaneously while their oxytocin levels were coming up and other sex hormones naturally without having to take any supplements. That really piqued my interest and I basically stopped prescribing hormones. I’m mostly prescribing OM. What OM does is it helps people feel their emotions and open their hearts and at the foundation of wellness and healing is the ability to give and receive love and I believe OM trains us to do that. At this point I’m getting feedback from people that they’re actually living the lives that they dreamed they could live. They’re feeling more deeply in their relationships and connection with others and themselves and they’re feeling more vitality overall.

Michelle is a 54-year-old medical doctor and single mom, who lives in the San Francisco Bay area.