I Really Like Who I Am When I’m OMing


I found out about Orgasmic Meditation through a friend of mine, who invited me to an introductory event. She had a ticket for a guest and knew me well enough to know I am crazy for these kinds of things—personal growth, relationships, masculine/feminine, sexuality. So, she invited me, and I went.

After that, I was super into what I learned. I went in deep, and kept going to more events, learning everything I could.  It was six or seven weeks later before I tried OM. My first OM seemed like I had been unsuccessful in a way. Yet, my body felt really good afterwards, and I was totally ready to try again.

OMing feels amazing to me. I love OMing. It’s so vulnerable and special. I get a feeling of gorgeous energy coming up through my arm into my belly, into my genitals and legs. It’s like it lubricates my whole system. I really like who I am when I’m OMing.  

Before OM, I recall feeling as though I were a mechanic when I was relating with women: press this button here, do this thing there. It felt dry, empty. After I started practicing OM for a while, it got way better. I have a new understanding of feminine communication and my own intuition has gotten a lot sharper. 

By getting more energetically attuned and sensitive, now, in conversations and interactions with anyone, there is a spot I can feel. Tuning into it brings an incredible change to the experience. I know more intuitively what they are really trying to tell me. I also have more compassion for others. For instance, it’s fun to be able to guide people towards where they sense this spot is in conversations and see their reactions. It brings more honesty and vitality into every interaction.

Once, I was working with a colleague who wasn’t into the work she was doing. It was fun to find that spot with her, give her total permission, without trying to make her do something she was so resistant to doing. She had never had a conversation like that before; every time in her past, when she had needed to quit or change work, she would feel guilted into staying. It was fun to free her of this pattern, to help her recognize the job wasn’t right for her right now. The conversation I had with her felt really beautiful.

I am also able to feel and hear sensation behind people’s words, and my own words. It is so powerful to be able to hear when people’s words have sensation or not. I’m a teacher, and when I teach, I can see this in the writing assignments from my high school students. I can feel if what they wrote has sensation in it. If it doesn’t, we need to scrap it and find a way to get sensation in it. Those always turn into really cool essays.

Even as I hear myself talk every day, I can tell through listening to my own voice whether it has sensation or if I’m full of crap. This is a constant micro-adjusting, tuning-in process that I will probably have for the rest of my life. It will likely lead to a much different life, where I spend a lot less time putting up with annoying or inauthentic behavior—most of all from myself.