There was a lot of anxiety and stress before OM. Now I can drop past the anxiety into a more sensitive and attuned me.


What brought me to OM was the hunger to be able to know myself deeper. I didn’t know that in order to know myself deeper, it really was about connecting with other people, not just, you know, experiencing my own body connected with someone else but actually being able to be reflected by someone else. That has taught me a lot and helped me to drop down into being able to be more sensitive, being able to flow better with my communication with another person and to just be more attuned to all the emotional ups and downs that my body is going through.

There was a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress before OM – and things that were happening underneath the surface that I wasn’t even aware were happening. I also had a lot of suppressed energy the practice of OM opened up the door to allowing me to feel. On the other side of it, I’m seeing in my daily life how it’s actually feeding into my art and my business and my way of being in the world. 

Emily is a 29-year-old actress living in New York.