I was so tired of having the same relationships and sex on repeat. OM challenged me to give up my charm and develop my authenticity.


The most surprising thing that I’ve learned about myself since I started OMing is just how connection starved I was, and I’m not saying that to be self-deprecating but connection really is, I think, the most important thing in life. Before I came to OneTaste, I always had to put on a show because I always wanted to get people to like me and it was kind of a way for me to not show people who I really am. I felt that I was having the same relationships on repeat and the same sex on repeat with the same three positions on repeat and I wanted a change. So, to start OMing and to not be able to turn on my sparkling personality, it forced me to lean into my authenticity, and it completely changed the way that I interact with women. 

What I didn’t know is that I would completely develop my feminine side and my ability to be vulnerable. I went from being frustrated and confused by women to having this deep love and appreciation for women and the feminine that’s carried over into even my relationship with my mother. It’s a whole new playing field. My relationships with women are black and white now.

Max is a sales manager living in Los Angeles