I used to use formulas with women. I thought OM was going to complete my toolbox. Instead, I learned how to ditch the toolbox.


Before I did OM it was like, "I’m going to get the girl. I’m going to get this whole package. I’m going to have all the right tools in my toolbox to be able to bring a woman home, and have the intimacy and the sex and the connection that I wanted."

All I saw about women before I started OMing was their sex. I objectified women to the hills. I recognized that I was always looking for this missing piece, like there was always part of my strategy that wasn’t working.

So, when I found about OM it was like "Perfect. I’ll just complete this package. I’ll have the right shirt; I’ll know what drink to buy and it’ll be irresistible."

So, then I learned to OM and it had nothing to do with the shirt I was wearing or the drinks I was buying. It was all about what was inside of me, and it opened up my entire world. Every aspect of my life has been touched by doing the practice. I feel more open emotionally. My relationships with everybody, like family included. I eat better food and enjoy the taste. I sleep better. It’s like I can’t describe how encompassing this experience has been for me in learning the practice. 

Ben is a life coach and father living in San Jose, California.