I wouldn't speak up or stand up for myself. Now, I'm enjoying being social, and what's more, I'm letting my vision come into reality.


Before OM, I would have been unlikely to stand up for myself in situations or even maybe say what I wanted in group situations or at work, and some of the changes I’ve seen even in the last few months have been profound and I just feel more comfortable around people. I’ve been a lifelong introvert and I notice that I’m out much more and more social and connected with people, and on a much larger scale going into the office of the director of student curriculum at the school district and proposing that the school district adopt mindfulness and as a result of my work, the entire school district adopted mindfulness. I see what my power can create now. It can create really amazing things for myself and for other people when I just let it move through me, and I’m grateful to all the people I’ve met and the staff here, who’ve just been incredibly supportive. I’m looking forward to the continuing changes in my life, as a result of continuing to OM and continuing my connections here. 

Carla is a 57-year-old mindfulness trainer and life coach living in Long Beach, California.