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I Became Someone My Daughter is Proud Of

"Since discovering Orgasmic Meditation at 42, I’ve experienced many openings—the most surprising being a shift toward genuine connection and deeper ..." READ MORE

Letting Go of People Pleasing

"I was so in my head before Orgasmic Meditation. You could have called me anti-social, but I wouldn’t have. I just didn’t know how to express myself..." READ MORE

Restoring My Sensitivity and Giving Up Drugs and Alcohol

"I had been abstinent for about a month when I came across Orgasmic Meditation. I had grown tired of the nightclubs, of the drug- and alcohol-fueled..." READ MORE

From Digital Isolation to Taking Risks in Life

"I like to say that my life started at age 30. You’ll see why.I come from a unique background. My mother is from the highlands of Guatemala, and my ..." READ MORE

OM Filled Me Up When I Was Empty

"I’ve always been kind of edgy, but it seemed like the older I got, the more reserved and boring I became. I was looking for the next thing, but I c..." READ MORE

OM Took Away My Need for Painkillers

"I am well-versed in reading a person or situation for what I believe they expect from me. Before I found the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, whate..." READ MORE

What My Body Tells Me

"Dread fills me as I'm walking down the street, and I see my mother's car parked up ahead at a gas station. She gets out of her car and stumbles tow..." READ MORE

Filling the Intimacy Void

"When I was growing up, I was bullied severely. I was extremely overweight and wasn’t close with anyone. By my second year at university, I wanted t..." READ MORE

The Safety of Knowing That Women Have Desire

"I meet a woman at a bar. She introduces me to an OM practitioner and eventual teacher of OM. Six years pass. The teacher of OM posts on social medi..." READ MORE

The Power of Slowing Down

"I used to come on strong when relating to others—especially women—with fast-paced conversation and a need to perform. Through the path of Orgasmic ..." READ MORE

Truly Relating with Women, Without the Pedestal

"I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I was a very sensitive kid, and I grew up in a very rough neighborhood in New York City in the 1970s and ear..." READ MORE

A Woman Lit Up

"We never said “I love you” in my family. We never really expressed ourselves and weren't very open with our real feelings. Intimacy just wasn’t ava..." READ MORE

Being Okay with Whatever Happens

"For a long time, I lived a life of fun and entertainment and excitement, drinking and having a good time. I totally let myself go physically and le..." READ MORE

Discovering Women, Uncovering Myself

"In my thirties, as a leader in a community devoted to personal growth, I had lots of women interested in me, circling around me. Although I looked ..." READ MORE

More Outgoing Now

"College went by in a blur. I liked going to class, but I never did any homework. Even though I didn't like people much, I tried joining a sorority,..." READ MORE

What's Left Is Love

"When I was growing up, it was hard to build friendships with other kids because my father was in the Army, and we were always moving around the cou..." READ MORE

Freedom and Permission

"When I moved to San Francisco, in my twenties, I felt free to do whatever I wanted. I was raised in a conventional, middle-class, Catholic family, ..." READ MORE

Coming Back to Life

"I was an out-and-out workaholic until I ran flat out of energy and spent seven years in bed, suffering from intense migraines. I had moved from Mia..." READ MORE

From Worry to Joy

"When I was in high school, I lived in a fantasy world that revolved around film. My dad was a screenwriter. I watched him at work and then saw movi..." READ MORE

Sadness No Longer Consumes Me

"A long time ago, I read an article about OM. It stuck in my mind not something for me, but something that could be great for a friend of mine who w..." READ MORE

Learning to Communicate What I Want

"I've always been hyper-sexual but also had a lot of shame around my desires. My mother was frustrated and repressed. It made her volatile, and I pi..." READ MORE

Sensitivity as a Guide

"In college, I had to pick two out of three options: getting good grades, having a social life, or sleep. My school was intensely competitive, and I..." READ MORE

The Best Me

"I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and my best memories are of playing baseball, handball and stickball. When I got a little bigger, I played high sc..." READ MORE

The Eyes That Give Love Instead of Seek Love

"I grew up the youngest of three kids in a very well-educated family. My brother and sister were mega-smart, went to much better schools than I did,..." READ MORE

Destigmatizing Addiction

"I was a bonafide starving student. Near the end of my medical training, as I was about to get licensed, I fell into a coma from low blood sugar. Af..." READ MORE