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I Learned to be Present in the Moment

"None of my relationships ever seemed to work out. After a string of “monogamous” relationships that would never actually end up being monogamous, I..." READ MORE

Listening to What My Heart Desires

"I used to pride myself on the fact that I was very logical and quick-minded. I was an ambitious, Russian-born woman living in the UK, and I thought..." READ MORE

My Heart Opened

"My mom was always open about sexuality. When I was a kid, she would talk about how sex was a really loving and magical experience. From books and m..." READ MORE

I Live By What I Feel

"Before I found OM, I had been celibate and out of relationship for about ten years. I was also in a highly traumatic situation. I was very devoted ..." READ MORE

I Could Relax For The First Time

"This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but the first time I went to an Orgasmic Meditation event, I didn’t realize what it was. A friend dragged me..." READ MORE

I Realized I Used to Lie A Lot

"The other day, I was putting up fliers at this new job I have. It’s a difficult job, and it’s required me to move away from a lot of the people and..." READ MORE

A Hunger I’d Never Fed Before

"In my family we never spoke about sex. At the age of 13, I was molested by a stranger, and I had no way of telling my parents what had happened. Al..." READ MORE

Understanding & Expressing My Desire

"My journey with Orgasmic Meditation in my 20s helped me get clearer about what I really wanted—and helped me learn to express my desires in a more ..." READ MORE

Connecting to My Anger

"I’ve been on a long journey of personal development. It began twenty years ago when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I went through a lot..." READ MORE

From Tightly Wound to Soft and Open

"Just before I started OMing, it had become clear by this point in my life that I had a problem with men and relationships. I’d have short flings wi..." READ MORE

OM Led Me Back to God

"I was raised in a normal middle class family and had a pretty happy childhood. The only thing that was different is I had a biracial upbringing. My..." READ MORE

Trusting Men Again

"You could say that Orgasmic Meditation took the mystery out of men for me. I had been educated at an all-girls school, and throughout my career fou..." READ MORE

From a Small Life to a Big Life

"I had been feeling depressed and unhappy when I first discovered Orgasmic Meditation. I was interested, and wanted to learn about women especially,..." READ MORE

Women are a Tiny Bit Less of a Mystery

"If I think about why I went looking for something like OM, it all had to do with this tremendous desire to connect with women. Growing up, I had a ..." READ MORE

Restoring My Sensitivity and Giving Up Drugs and Alcohol

"I had been abstinent for about a month when I came across Orgasmic Meditation. I had grown tired of the nightclubs, of the drug- and alcohol-fueled..." READ MORE

Now I Thrive in the Mess That is Love & Life

"I was single and searching for community in LA when someone told me about Orgasmic Meditation. I wanted to connect with women, so I went to an intr..." READ MORE

The Useful Lessons of Darkness

"In the early 2000’s, I was working in the Middle East and living the high life. It was all Porsches and polo matches, glamorous apartments and flyi..." READ MORE

The Life-Affirming Force of Desire

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, I had a habit of over-achieving, over-working, and, in a painful way, over-serving everyone around me—especially my the..." READ MORE

Pain Doesn’t Mean Bad

"I found an advert for Orgasmic Meditation on a spiritual singles website in 2012, and I knew I wanted to try the practice. I just thought I needed ..." READ MORE

Not-Enoughness Became Confidence & Value

"A couple of years ago, I was at the Bulletproof conference here in Los Angeles when a guy approached me and some friends to invite us to visit the ..." READ MORE

My Body Came Back to Life

"Before I found OM, I always felt a hunger. I grew up in China, in a culture where children were supposed to follow instructions—but not express the..." READ MORE

Finding Life in the Midst of Leukemia

"I grew up in a fairly unusual household. Because of that I think I spent most of my adult life trying to create some sort of normalcy. I became a s..." READ MORE

My Body is a Truth Meter

"I’ve always been tremendously independent and self-sufficient. I had a very good home life growing up in Los Angeles, meaning that I could have any..." READ MORE

Playing An Instrument With Great Precision & Sensitivity

"I love to dance. For years, dancing was the only way I could express my sexuality and passion freely. Yet at one time, even my dancing was superfic..." READ MORE

Healing Around Racism & Trauma

"I am a Black woman. I carry in my DNA the ancestral memory of the trauma inflicted on Black people, and I have my own bitter, painful experiences o..." READ MORE

Creating Experiences Instead of Following A Man

"The floor vibrated to the pounding of the music, sending its waves up through my body to blend with the deafening beat coming through the air. In t..." READ MORE

No Longer Afraid to Speak or Be Noticed

"The first man I lived with was a lot like my parents. Doug was checking all the boxes, and so I was I. We lived in a house I had bought, and we bot..." READ MORE

The Depth & Joy Only Grew

"Watching my father, I learned not to express emotions or care about other people's emotions. He came from a successful family, while my mother, who..." READ MORE

Playful & Slow, Without a Need to Rush

"To understand what my world was like before OM, I need to tell you that I grew up in Venezuela.  I don’t want to get political, but the situation i..." READ MORE

Love Myself No Matter What

"Throughout the course of my life I have experienced a bunch of micro-sexual traumas—boundary violations with my brother, sexual gaslighting from my..." READ MORE

You Can’t People-Please Your Way to Your Own Life

"My parents raised me to be a “nice girl.” That meant different things throughout my childhood, starting with keeping myself clean.  Later, it evolv..." READ MORE

Overcoming Sexual Shame from Religion

"I grew up a Fundamentalist Christian in the American South, where sex was reserved for one reason and one reason only: to pop out more Fundamentali..." READ MORE

A Practice of Letting Go

"When I was a kid, my mom would joke that I was ‘a brain on a stick’ because she saw the way I related to my body. I used to look at activities like..." READ MORE

Facing Your Demons

"If you have trauma, if you have old pain or grief stored in your body, and you don't have a way of releasing that or detoxing it, you’re stuck and ..." READ MORE

I Have a Spine

"A lover and I once spent two hours trying to make my body reach this place that I knew I had felt before but just couldn’t seem to touch again. I w..." READ MORE

I Could Concentrate on My Own Joy

"I've always been a very practical person.  From the time I was a little girl, I needed to see things to believe them.  I’ve always been very much i..." READ MORE

The Woman I Am

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, I was trying to find a sense of myself and a sense of happiness and joy. I felt stuck around that. Although I was on a ..." READ MORE

Transcending Preferences to Find True Enjoyment

"Around the time I turned 40, as a doctor in London, I was looking for more juice in my life. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, necessarily. But ..." READ MORE

Taking The Time to Ask Myself What I Want

"My husband, Richard, had moved out of the house, and I was still doing his laundry. I had just carried a box of clean clothes down the street to hi..." READ MORE

Learning to Trust Men

" “What kind of hippy stuff is that?,” was my first reaction to learning about Orgasmic Meditation, about seven years ago, two years before I OMed f..." READ MORE

OM Made Me a Better Healer

"When I discovered OM around age 30, I was pretty firmly locked into the interwoven identities that I had chosen for myself. Healer. Festival-goer. ..." READ MORE

Expanding My Field of Permission

"I had been doing meditations and experiencing beautiful learnings for a while. The practice of OM was an interesting addition and gave me a deep em..." READ MORE

Dropping My Fears and Realizing My Potential with a Woman

"I came to OM when I was stuck in an emotional rut. I had done talk therapy, journaling, retreats, and lots of introspection.  I knew why I was stuc..." READ MORE

Saying Yes to What Brings Me Joy

"You know the old saying, “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot?” It’s the idea that people who are experts at something often fail to practice thei..." READ MORE

OM is the Backbone & the Secret of Life

"Pursuing my OM practice was one of the best decisions of my life. It has improved my life and my relationships, and radically altered my perception..." READ MORE

I Discovered Extraordinary Possibilities

"I came to OM at the tail end of a difficult marriage. I’d been married to my husband for more than 10 years, and he had changed me – not for the be..." READ MORE

More Outgoing Now

"College went by in a blur. I liked going to class, but I never did any homework. Even though I didn't like people much, I tried joining a sorority,..." READ MORE

Freedom and Permission

"When I moved to San Francisco, in my twenties, I felt free to do whatever I wanted. I was raised in a conventional, middle-class, Catholic family, ..." READ MORE

Coming Back to Life

"I was an out-and-out workaholic until I ran flat out of energy and spent seven years in bed, suffering from intense migraines. I had moved from Mia..." READ MORE

The Sensitivity & Wisdom of My Body

"Before discovering OM, I felt so disconnected from my body after experiencing a traumatic life event. I felt closed and tight, and I badly wanted t..." READ MORE

The Nourished Mother

"My bravado said I could have it all. I could be a single mom, I could have a good-paying job, and I could do it without needing anything for myself..." READ MORE

The Freedom of Confidence

"I was going through hard times. My marriage and business fell apart. I had had a public relations company for nine years – and I’d been married for..." READ MORE

Like Plugging my Finger in the Socket

"I had always been an intensely socially anxious person. I still am, in a way, but not at all the way I was before. I had few friends, and those who..." READ MORE

Finding the Freedom to Ask

"I’ve been doing OM for 10 years now.   I know that a lot of people come to OM because they’re going through a difficult time and are hungry for som..." READ MORE

It All Comes Down to Asking for What You Want

"My wife and I weren’t unhappy, but we both knew something wasn’t working.  We had been married for 30 years and were both in our mid-50s.  We were ..." READ MORE

Overflowing with Confidence

"Let me tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be raised a Southern Baptist woman. I swear, all God knew how to say was no. Through his proph..." READ MORE

All Women Are Goddesses

"I've been highly sensitive since I was a kid. I could feel what other people were feeling, and I could actually distinguish between what was “mine”..." READ MORE

The Body is the Compass

"I grew up Mormon.  There’s a lot of shorthand in saying that.  There were beautiful things about my family growing up, but for the most part, it wa..." READ MORE

From Empty to Filled

"When Betty and I started dating, we discovered we had mismatched libidos. During the early years of our relationship, we even joked about it. But e..." READ MORE

Trust in Myself

"After fifteen years of yearning for Maria, I was in a steady relationship with her, but I was stuck in the friend zone. No matter how much energy I..." READ MORE

Door of Possibility

"When I was younger, I was fascinated by relationships and sexuality. I even made myself a little “sex ed guide” when I was about 11, making sketche..." READ MORE

Finding Space to Listen

"In my twenties, after working on a low-budget feature film, I turned to developing an underground theater company into a major regional company. Ou..." READ MORE

Connection is a muscle I strengthen through OM

"I was trapped.  I realize now I was trapping myself.  Before I found OM, I had a go-to pattern, and it was withdrawal.  My ex would boast to others..." READ MORE

Oh, This is So Beautiful

"For most of my life, I never spoke about my emotions with anyone, even my closest friends. I believed it was weak to be vulnerable about my feeling..." READ MORE

Becoming Visible

"Growing up, visibility was a big issue for me. All my life I felt largely unseen. It was so bad that walking down a city street people would run in..." READ MORE

Following My Heart

"I grew up in the old country, in Poland, in a very secure environment with very strong family values. There was a certain way that was already set ..." READ MORE

Blowing the Coal to Flame

"I don’t know what people think of when they think about a typical person who OMs, but I bet it isn’t me.   I’m a divorced man, and I live in Wichit..." READ MORE

OM reignited my desire after burnout

"I’ve always been a high achiever, and I was always ambitious.  Early on, I started making lists for what I intended to accomplish by a certain age...." READ MORE

The Joy Wasn't Lost After All

"I was quite a joyful little girl.  I loved my life.  And at some point, something happened that changed that.  It’s not as if I became severely dep..." READ MORE

From Codependency to Co-Creation

"My husband and I tied the knot when we were very young, and we had been married for about 20 years when we discovered OM. It changed everything. We..." READ MORE

Beyond Aversion

"When I discovered OM in my forties, I was still figuring things out about my sexuality, my marriage, my attractions, and my aversions. I was an act..." READ MORE

More Possible Than I’d Imagined

"I hit my bottom in a mine.  I like telling people that. I’ve been a miner for most of my adult life, and I’m 39 – so I have more experience than mo..." READ MORE

All Relationships Are A Practice

"When my husband left me with three little children, I was heartbroken. Everything was overwhelmingly difficult to deal with. I let the post pile up..." READ MORE

A Bigness To Where I Am Now

"When I came to OM, I looked like I had it all. I was on a very popular TV show at the time.  My career as an actress had taken off.  I had great fr..." READ MORE

I Found My True Voice In OM

"An ex-boyfriend brought me to OM, and he did it in hopes of salvaging our relationship.  It didn’t save us as a couple, but it changed me and my li..." READ MORE

Like A Queen On Her Throne

"Like so many girls growing up Catholic, I heard my mom say that sex was bad—a lot—especially if you’re a girl who likes girls. As a result, it was ..." READ MORE

Opening My Voice

"Outside the windows of the rented van, hills and meadows were flashing past. Inside, my college classmates were chatting and laughing, and I was si..." READ MORE

The Desire Needs No Other Justification

"I grew up being talked out of my dreams.  I was raised in a small town in northern British Columbia. It was a remote community, and a conservative ..." READ MORE

Putting Me First is Better for Everyone

"I found OM right after I started to emerge from one of the darkest periods of my life. My husband was just recovering from a life-threatening illne..." READ MORE

I Don’t Have to Wait

"My brother and younger sister had a lot of plans for their lives. After retirement they both planned to travel and do all the things they weren't a..." READ MORE

Stepping Out Of The Box

"The moment of truth came while my husband and I were sitting in a hot tub with a group of friends at the end of a night of partying. I was relaxed ..." READ MORE

No More Hungry Ghosts

"Ten years ago, every weekend I used to get my makeup done—full face, full lash, very glamorous—and go clubbing in London. I was porn star glamorous..." READ MORE

Acceptable Answers

"Whenever my grandmother came to visit, there was a list of things I was not allowed to do. According to Grandma, children did not help out in the k..." READ MORE

OM Peels The Layers Off

"I don't actually remember how I found out about Orgasmic Meditation. But I was living in New York City at the time, and I went to a couple of event..." READ MORE


"Kids in my class were talking about a constellation. “It's the Big Dipper,” one of them said. “But the Big Dipper isn't out this time of year,” I s..." READ MORE

Expand into Truth and Resilience

"As a performance artist and an entrepreneur, I was bucking the expectations of my conservative family. While living in Washington DC, I expressed m..." READ MORE

Asking For What You Want Has Everybody Win

"In 2012, Hurricane Sandy destroyed a third of my house. My family and I had to evacuate. A few weeks before the hurricane, I could feel a lot of th..." READ MORE

Awake Again

"I was getting ready to go to a social event where I expected to meet interesting, creative people, and I was excited. But as I looked in the mirror..." READ MORE

Even Only One OM Changed Me

"I grew up in the East Coast, in a loving but very religious Catholic family.  I came to California to go to college and fell in love with the west ..." READ MORE

Be Quick but Not in a Hurry

"I’ve always been a fast talker and a mover and a shaker. I work in sales and business development, and I’m drawn to an action-packed lifestyle. Dis..." READ MORE

I Asked, And It Happened

"I was on a first date, and the guy asked me if I wanted to smoke marijuana with him.  It’s not my thing.  I said “No, thank you” when he offered, a..." READ MORE

My Whole Life is Easier

"In college, when I was training to be sex therapist, a friend of my parents suggested I check out Orgasmic Meditation. I jumped right into an immer..." READ MORE

The Power Radiated Out of Them

"Several years ago, I went to live in an eco-village in Southern Portugal. I wanted to do intentional work with an amazing group of people.  We did ..." READ MORE

The Beauty in Everything

"Anxiety ruled my world, but I was not aware of it. I was scared, disconnected, and always pushing. At work, in my relationships, and with myself, I..." READ MORE

The Little Push into Maturity

"I think the best thing that can ever happen to any of us is to realize just how much we don’t know.  What set me on the journey to OM was the reali..." READ MORE