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Approval For My Anger & Deepest Desires

"I emigrated from Russia to London with my family at age 15. To survive the transition, I learned to project a tough, macho kind of masculinity that..." READ MORE

From Seeing Red to Reading My Feelings

"Through my journey with Orgasmic Meditation, I’ve learned that as a cis male, I have to teach myself to feel. It’s an ongoing process and I’m still..." READ MORE

The Emergence of My Vitality

"I was taking Tantra classes when I heard about Orgasmic Meditation through people I met in those programs. I was also online dating. One afternoon,..." READ MORE

Connection Healed My Depression

"When I first heard about Orgasmic Meditation, it was 2012 and I’d been suicidal for six months. I didn’t dare tell anyone about my suicidal thought..." READ MORE

OM Gave Me a Place to Grieve

"In my early twenties, I married a man who checked all the boxes that my mother and grandmother thought were necessary. That is, all of the boxes ex..." READ MORE

I Could Relax For The First Time

"This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but the first time I went to an Orgasmic Meditation event, I didn’t realize what it was. A friend dragged me..." READ MORE

Somatic Meditation Only Scratched the Surface

"When I was six or seven years old, I developed a lot of awareness and curiosity around what it meant to be alive. From that point on, I became inte..." READ MORE

The Discipline of Practice

"My life used to be super linear, with a well-defined structure. You were supposed to check off boxes: get married, have kids, save money, retire. M..." READ MORE

The Moment By Moment Felt-Sense

"I got into OM when my girlfriend gave me a copy of “Slow Sex” by Nicole Daedone. I learned the practice at first because I wanted to be a good boyf..." READ MORE

From Anxiety to Joy

"I’d wake up and my first thought would be, ‘I don’t want to get out of bed.’ I’d feel this intense anxiety pushing on my body. Life felt too big, t..." READ MORE

A Hunger I’d Never Fed Before

"In my family we never spoke about sex. At the age of 13, I was molested by a stranger, and I had no way of telling my parents what had happened. Al..." READ MORE

Connecting to My Anger

"I’ve been on a long journey of personal development. It began twenty years ago when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I went through a lot..." READ MORE

OM Helped My Crohn’s Disease

"At 22 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The symptoms and debilitating flare-ups became so bad that it led to an invasive surgery in college. Af..." READ MORE

I Accessed the Ability to Feel

"The first time I tried Orgasmic Meditation, I realized how numb I was. I just lay there with my pants off, having my clitoris stroked, and felt not..." READ MORE

Stepping into My Emotional Authority

"Through my journey with Orgasmic Meditation, I rediscovered an ability that I’ve had all along, but that I’d suppressed. It’s a capacity to be high..." READ MORE

My Restless Leg Syndrome Became Manageable

"I first heard of Orgasmic Meditation through my girlfriend. When she asked me if I would be interested in learning the practice,  I was an enthusia..." READ MORE

Trusting Men Again

"You could say that Orgasmic Meditation took the mystery out of men for me. I had been educated at an all-girls school, and throughout my career fou..." READ MORE

Letting Go of People Pleasing

"I was so in my head before Orgasmic Meditation. You could have called me anti-social, but I wouldn’t have. I just didn’t know how to express myself..." READ MORE

Women Aren’t Delicate Frightened Birds

"I spent my childhood in a series of all-boys boarding schools in England. This was the way it had always been for men in my family, so I didn’t hav..." READ MORE

The Truth Just Has to Come Out

"I grew up in a chronically dishonest family. Maybe all families have their secrets, but mine were toxic, dark, and painful.  We lied about many thi..." READ MORE

Restoring My Sensitivity and Giving Up Drugs and Alcohol

"I had been abstinent for about a month when I came across Orgasmic Meditation. I had grown tired of the nightclubs, of the drug- and alcohol-fueled..." READ MORE

This Practice Lifted The Gray Film of Depression Off Me

"The first thing I got from Orgasmic Meditation was the lifting of a lifelong depression. Long ago, a therapist told me, “Your normal is low-level d..." READ MORE

The Useful Lessons of Darkness

"In the early 2000’s, I was working in the Middle East and living the high life. It was all Porsches and polo matches, glamorous apartments and flyi..." READ MORE

My Black and White World Returned to Color

"When I first heard about Orgasmic Meditation, it seemed both mind-blowingly strange and oddly appealing. I couldn’t put it into any category. It wo..." READ MORE

My Heart Has Never Been Happier

"I remember the last house I bought in Southern California very clearly. I chose it meticulously. It had a pool, a waterfall, and a casita where I c..." READ MORE

Rewiring My Ability to Receive

"“Who are these men?” I remember thinking, the first time I heard about Orgasmic Meditation. I was skeptical. My friend who was telling me about the..." READ MORE

Finding Life in the Midst of Leukemia

"I grew up in a fairly unusual household. Because of that I think I spent most of my adult life trying to create some sort of normalcy. I became a s..." READ MORE

Healing Around Racism & Trauma

"I am a Black woman. I carry in my DNA the ancestral memory of the trauma inflicted on Black people, and I have my own bitter, painful experiences o..." READ MORE

Healing Shame-Based Vocabulary

"I grew up in the Filipino culture and the Catholic religion. There was a lot of strictness and social rules and a lot of shame and shame-based lang..." READ MORE

Valuing Connection Over Getting It Right

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, my relationships with women seemed to have happened out of luck or out of left field. After many wrong moves, I’d ask s..." READ MORE

Empathy, Serenity and a Sense of Peace

"I am very grateful for the existence of Orgasmic Meditation as a meditation practice that lets me share in and feel the energy of a woman. OM bring..." READ MORE

From Digital Isolation to Taking Risks in Life

"I like to say that my life started at age 30. You’ll see why.I come from a unique background. My mother is from the highlands of Guatemala, and my ..." READ MORE

Connecting to Grief and Healing Sexual Trauma through OM

"When someone’s Orgasmic Meditation post popped up on my social media, I was eight months into a devastating grief. My daughter had died. Nothing ma..." READ MORE

Facing Your Demons

"If you have trauma, if you have old pain or grief stored in your body, and you don't have a way of releasing that or detoxing it, you’re stuck and ..." READ MORE

Finding Enjoyment in the Moment

"When I found Orgasmic Meditation, I was in my late 30s and had had a series of relationships that hadn’t worked out. I’d known from the beginning t..." READ MORE

OM Filled Me Up When I Was Empty

"I’ve always been kind of edgy, but it seemed like the older I got, the more reserved and boring I became. I was looking for the next thing, but I c..." READ MORE

Learning Vulnerability Led to Healing

"I grew up in a very volatile environment where there was a lot of arguing and fighting. My mother seemed to pick abusive men, and her own anger and..." READ MORE

What My Body Tells Me

"Dread fills me as I'm walking down the street, and I see my mother's car parked up ahead at a gas station. She gets out of her car and stumbles tow..." READ MORE

Living in Full Color

"The old me was all about “production over feeling.” I got a real hit on achieving and accomplishing things and putting the latest notch in my belt...." READ MORE

The Woman I Am

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, I was trying to find a sense of myself and a sense of happiness and joy. I felt stuck around that. Although I was on a ..." READ MORE

Melting Rigidity into Presence and Play

"Before I became involved with erotic practices, I felt rigid and robotic. As a wellness practitioner, I touch people all day for massages, facials,..." READ MORE

Take a Moment to Breathe

"Before I learned about Orgasmic Meditation, I had a challenging relationship with my body. I had this picture of how I should look as a woman in or..." READ MORE

Letting Go of the Big Ball of Stress

"It’s been five years since I started practicing Orgasmic Meditation, and so much has changed. When I started, I was working two extremely difficult..." READ MORE

The Safety of Knowing That Women Have Desire

"I meet a woman at a bar. She introduces me to an OM practitioner and eventual teacher of OM. Six years pass. The teacher of OM posts on social medi..." READ MORE

The Caregiver Finds His Own Healing

"Five years before I found OM, my wife had developed an increasingly degrading brain condition. My life became increasingly unmanageable as I tried ..." READ MORE

From Good Shy Guy to Confident Trustable Man

"I grew up in New York City, in a working-class family.  My parents were immigrants from the Dominican Republic; eager to get ahead and to ensure th..." READ MORE

Reclaiming my body and believing in my perfection

"When I finally broke through my judgment and fear around the practice of Orgasmic Meditation it was only because I saw a dear friend transform her ..." READ MORE

Learning to Trust Men

" “What kind of hippy stuff is that?,” was my first reaction to learning about Orgasmic Meditation, about seven years ago, two years before I OMed f..." READ MORE

OM Made Me a Better Healer

"When I discovered OM around age 30, I was pretty firmly locked into the interwoven identities that I had chosen for myself. Healer. Festival-goer. ..." READ MORE

Opening to intimacy

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, intimacy and connection were hidden from me. I wasn’t as authentic, available, or open as I am today. Orgasmic Meditati..." READ MORE

Staying With The Sensation

"I grew up in San Francisco. My parents divorced when I was young, and I lived with my mom. My dad was in and out of my life. But my mom and I were ..." READ MORE

Reclaiming My Voice

"Despite the fact I already had 3 kids, I’d just begun to explore my sexuality for the first time when I learned about Orgasmic Meditation. I was re..." READ MORE

Expanding My Field of Permission

"I had been doing meditations and experiencing beautiful learnings for a while. The practice of OM was an interesting addition and gave me a deep em..." READ MORE

My Relationships with Other Women Improved

"I learned as a child how to make everything look great on the surface.  As a little girl, smiling in photos, you can see that my hair was always do..." READ MORE

My Practice is with Me Wherever I Go

"If you want your car to run, you need to put gas in it.  If you want your flowers to bloom, you need to water them.  Even little children know this..." READ MORE

No Longer a Martyr

"Before OM, I never said “no” to a man. Sometimes I would try to defer, distract or divert. But if the person was persistent enough, I literally nev..." READ MORE

From Workaholic to Feminine empowerment

"I was raised to be a good Southern Baptist. In a sense, I still am one. But as a female, I was a second-class citizen to begin with—so I had to ove..." READ MORE

Inner Sensitivity Returns

"I don’t really remember how I found Orgasmic Meditation. But I certainly remember my first OM session. I felt absolutely zero in my genitals. It wa..." READ MORE

The Strength of Connection

"Western culture is, in some regards, tragic. We all live in our own house. We kind of know a neighbor or two. We meet when we walk the dog. We know..." READ MORE

Taking Care of Me

"I’ve always had a gift for bringing people together. As a yoga instructor living in Los Angeles, and throughout my life, I’ve excelled at creating ..." READ MORE

OM as Self-Care

"When I was seventeen, I discovered a desire for women. At university, I went crazy, meeting lots of women and having a string of monogamous relatio..." READ MORE

What's Left Is Love

"When I was growing up, it was hard to build friendships with other kids because my father was in the Army, and we were always moving around the cou..." READ MORE

Coming Back to Life

"I was an out-and-out workaholic until I ran flat out of energy and spent seven years in bed, suffering from intense migraines. I had moved from Mia..." READ MORE

Sadness No Longer Consumes Me

"A long time ago, I read an article about OM. It stuck in my mind not something for me, but something that could be great for a friend of mine who w..." READ MORE

Expanding Into Joy

"Though I live in New York City as a teacher, artist, and textile designer, I was brought up in England. And I was bound in a certain conditioning a..." READ MORE

Bringing More Joy to the World

"Emotion was not really encouraged in my family growing up. Anything that rocked the boat was to be avoided. Plus, I was raised Catholic with the pr..." READ MORE

The Sensitivity & Wisdom of My Body

"Before discovering OM, I felt so disconnected from my body after experiencing a traumatic life event. I felt closed and tight, and I badly wanted t..." READ MORE

Releasing the Trauma

"I experienced sexual abuse as a child and had sexual trauma in later life. As a little girl, my mom not only didn't protect me, instead she often s..." READ MORE

Celebratory Moments

"I came into this life with very few appetites. When I was in high school and my first years at college, I had a lot of friends, including male frie..." READ MORE

Releasing Old Baggage And Embracing Myself

"To tell you how OM changed things for me, as a physical therapist living in San Francisco, I would have to go way back—to my birth, 60 years ago, i..." READ MORE

Surrendering To Have It All

"The last 12 years of my marriage were very strained because of my business and other obligations. I became more and more hidden, more and more conf..." READ MORE

What to Do with Shame

"I used to set a hard limit on how far I'd let a relationship go. At a certain point, I would always hit the eject button. I knew that eventually, i..." READ MORE

The Door to the World is Within Me

"I grew up in a family with three brothers and no sisters, and I went to an all-boys school. Through my teens, until I got to university, I had almo..." READ MORE

Being Real

"My parents were kissing. My father dramatically bent my mother over backwards, and she gushed, “Oh, kiss me!” Even though I was only ten years old,..." READ MORE

A Missing Ingredient that Makes it Sing

"“Sit down,” my husband said. I knew something bad was coming.“I’ve found my soulmate,” he said. For a tenth of a second, I thought this was an awkw..." READ MORE

Like Plugging my Finger in the Socket

"I had always been an intensely socially anxious person. I still am, in a way, but not at all the way I was before. I had few friends, and those who..." READ MORE

OM Helped Me Feel Worthy of the Healing Process

"I was panicked, angry, and despondent. I’d just gone through another breakup with another boyfriend.  There were many issues, but one was my body. ..." READ MORE

The Healing of Hardship

"I can have my own experienceBoth my sister and I have a history of sexual abuse. Before OM I spent decades dissociated from sex and my body. My fir..." READ MORE

The Battery that Powers a Lighthouse

"I had miscarried twice before, but the third one broke me.  I was 20 weeks pregnant with a son, and I lost him. I remember that awful night in the ..." READ MORE

The Practical Side of OM

"Computers have always been my life.  I was diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was still very young.  Social interactions were sometimes difficult, bu..." READ MORE

Men Are Vulnerable Too

"My parents grew up in Greece during World War Two. My father was in the underground by the age of 12, living a very adult life. He was a good man, ..." READ MORE

OM Taught Me to Use My Sensitivity To Connect With Other People

"I was “winning” in that ridiculously American way, working constantly, afraid to pause for a second or the world would step on and over me. If my b..." READ MORE

Healed in a way that I hadn’t even realized I needed

"Prior to our divorce. My husband and I had what I can only describe as a very big life. We had a seven-bedroom house on nine acres, a beach house a..." READ MORE

It’s All There for You

"I had a very clear plan for my life. I’d always been intensely goal-oriented and focused, and I had a timetable for when I wanted to accomplish cer..." READ MORE

Overflowing with Confidence

"Let me tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be raised a Southern Baptist woman. I swear, all God knew how to say was no. Through his proph..." READ MORE

People Relax Around Me Because I’ve Learned To Accept My Own Feelings

"My first experience with OM was with my ex-wife.  We hadn’t contacted anyone for coaching -  we just had a book with a rather vague two-page descri..." READ MORE

Desire And The Single Mother

"I missed the exploratory teenage and early 20s years. Being a mom and a wife—I’ve been a mom since I was 16—there’s no chance to explore your sexua..." READ MORE

Slowly Releasing My Trauma

"When I was seven, I decided to leave this world.  My father had died, leaving me with my abusive, mentally ill mother. She was terrifying, unstable..." READ MORE

I Exuded Joy and Light -- People Could See It

"I didn't find out until late in life that I was pretty severely abused as a child by my mother and sexually abused by my grandfather. I wasn't full..." READ MORE

OM Changed Me as A Human Being and A Doctor

"When I was very young, I wanted to save the world. I was also interested in how the body works, so I decided to become a doctor. My first year of m..." READ MORE

One Word Healed Me

"I was the archetypal 45-year-old virgin before I came to OM. I wasn’t a virgin in the literal sense, but I felt like one in every classic respect. ..." READ MORE

The Power of Choice

"My early childhood life was very tumultuous, and I experienced a lot of childhood trauma. Sexual trauma was only part of it. There was also a lot o..." READ MORE

I Let Go of Being A Child

"My parents had me very late in life. I had everything I needed and experienced a very happy and fulfilling childhood. But my parents had a very cle..." READ MORE

Appreciation for Every Moment

"As a young person growing up, I had the idea that in order to be liked I had to somehow prove myself. I also thought it was ideal to be sexual earl..." READ MORE

My Finger Stroked by Itself

"The jukebox was big and shiny, and I was excited to see it sitting there in the school hall. A parent had rented it for a dance to celebrate our ei..." READ MORE

Walking Through a Magic Door

"I was an anxious, lonely kid. I start with that because that anxious, lonely kid is still part of me, and probably always will be. That little adop..." READ MORE

Becoming What You Already Are

"A friend of mine sent me information about OM and at the time, I had a client who was coming to see me about his girlfriend’s OCD around hygiene. S..." READ MORE

Staying Open Through It All

"OM was not my first stop.  What I mean by that is that I’d spent years studying self-improvement and self-awareness.  There are so many different m..." READ MORE

I Am A Feminine Person

"From the time I was little, I wanted to be close to women. I want to begin my story with that, because that’s tied into everything before I came to..." READ MORE

Stroking Cultivates Intuition and Connection

"I'm big, and I'm loud, and I didn't find out until college that I am autistic. My childhood was very difficult. I was socially excluded and always ..." READ MORE

How to Be a Man

"When I was young and in school, I adapted to the need to hide my feelings by becoming the class clown, able to dissipate any emotional intensity by..." READ MORE

The Eyes That Give Love Instead of Seek Love

"I grew up the youngest of three kids in a very well-educated family. My brother and sister were mega-smart, went to much better schools than I did,..." READ MORE

A Window Opened to Where I Matter

"I grew up in a small town, the elder of two children.  My parents had been childhood sweethearts and had married just out of high school.  We were ..." READ MORE

Destigmatizing Addiction

"I was a bonafide starving student. Near the end of my medical training, as I was about to get licensed, I fell into a coma from low blood sugar. Af..." READ MORE

From Codependency to Co-Creation

"My husband and I tied the knot when we were very young, and we had been married for about 20 years when we discovered OM. It changed everything. We..." READ MORE

Beyond Aversion

"When I discovered OM in my forties, I was still figuring things out about my sexuality, my marriage, my attractions, and my aversions. I was an act..." READ MORE

Looking For the Magic Formula

"I was living in Sydney, Australia, working at a law firm, progressing towards becoming a senior associate, gunning for partnership. I had a nice ap..." READ MORE

More Possible Than I’d Imagined

"I hit my bottom in a mine.  I like telling people that. I’ve been a miner for most of my adult life, and I’m 39 – so I have more experience than mo..." READ MORE

Finding Empathy

"Before I came to OM, I believed that I was a good partner, and a good boyfriend.  I was kind, and I was honest in my relationships. I also knew I w..." READ MORE

Living in Resonance

"By the time I was 30, I had what most people thought was a dream job.   When I told people what I did for a living, they would reply, “That’s so ex..." READ MORE

A Powerful Place to Be

"In college I really enjoyed computer programming because it felt like fun puzzle solving. I could also write interactive little games and create th..." READ MORE

Learning To Slow Down

"Before I discovered OM, I was at a place in my life where self-care wasn’t high on the agenda. I had a massage practice with plenty of clients, and..." READ MORE

The Shy Lad

"As a lad I was shy around women.  On a date I’d engage in the normal questions and get to know them. I’m good at that. I’d get them really talking ..." READ MORE

Deactivating Jealousy

"Many of us have an Achilles’ heel that will show us where we need to shine a light for healing and personal growth. For me, that vulnerable spot is..." READ MORE

I Was Right There With You

"As a Tantra teacher living in Sydney, Australia, I’ve found that Orgasmic Meditation is a perfect complement to the sacred practices that are centr..." READ MORE

Setting My Mind Free

"Growing up, my life was rather like that of Cinderella, with the wicked stepmother putting me down all the time. She would beat me and unload all h..." READ MORE

Life Below The Surface

"I had been living what seemed like the American Dream.  My wife and I had been together for 16 years, since we were in college.  We had a house in ..." READ MORE

Slowing Down to Feel

"Putting my children to bed used to make me feel uncomfortable. I'd tuck them in, give a quick kiss on the forehead, say good-night, failing to bask..." READ MORE

Sustained Intimate Connections

"I grew up in India, and I immigrated to the United States 25 years ago.  I’m 51 now, and until very recently, my entire focus has been on survival...." READ MORE

Feeling Safe Enough to Come Out of Hiding

"At the age of 40, I became a surgeon at a hospital in Oakland, California. I had come from a poor community in the South Bronx, counseled battered ..." READ MORE

I Don’t Have to Wait

"My brother and younger sister had a lot of plans for their lives. After retirement they both planned to travel and do all the things they weren't a..." READ MORE

The Goth Stroker

"I was always a bit of a misfit.  I did not do well at school, particularly socially.  I couldn’t wait to get out.  If I’d been born 30 years later,..." READ MORE

I Am Better At My Job in Hospitals And I Am Able To Share With People Who I Am

"Before I started the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, I was shutting down emotionally, little by little, closing doors here, closing windows there,..." READ MORE

No More Hungry Ghosts

"Ten years ago, every weekend I used to get my makeup done—full face, full lash, very glamorous—and go clubbing in London. I was porn star glamorous..." READ MORE

A Logical Guy Remembering How To Feel

"I grew up an anxious kid and I became an anxious adult.  I know that’s not uncommon, but for so much of my life, I was worried that I wasn’t good e..." READ MORE

The Softening Of My Heart

"I’m 35 years old, and I’ve been OM-ing for five years.I’d say that the defining characteristics of my life before I found OM were conflict and scar..." READ MORE

Acceptable Answers

"Whenever my grandmother came to visit, there was a list of things I was not allowed to do. According to Grandma, children did not help out in the k..." READ MORE

A Year of OM

"My experience with OM was many things. At times it was sublime and beautiful; at times it was imperfect and challenging. Overall it was edifying, a..." READ MORE

Our Bodies are Always in Conversation

"When I look at where I was when I was younger, and where I am now, I’m stunned by the transformation that OM has brought to my life.I spent so many..." READ MORE

The Hero Learns to Take Care of Herself

"I grew up an Army brat. Until I was twelve, my family moved all over the world as my parents were transferred from base to base. At one point, betw..." READ MORE

Learning to Receive What I Needed Most

"When I was in fourth grade, Katie Campbell taught me to put what she called my “wheelie” under the faucet while taking a bath. (Thank you, Katie --..." READ MORE


"Kids in my class were talking about a constellation. “It's the Big Dipper,” one of them said. “But the Big Dipper isn't out this time of year,” I s..." READ MORE

Nourished, Safe, Significant, and Valued

"I first came to Orgasmic Meditation for physical reasons—I wanted to enjoy intimacy and have a deeper connection with my husband. What I ended up g..." READ MORE

Being In Approval Of Men’s Desire

"Of all the ways that Orgasmic Meditation has opened me up—unleashing blocked creativity, overcoming money scarcity and a feeling of deprivation, go..." READ MORE

Expand into Truth and Resilience

"As a performance artist and an entrepreneur, I was bucking the expectations of my conservative family. While living in Washington DC, I expressed m..." READ MORE

Healing Self-Pity & Anger at Women

"I’m determined to write about myself in a way that isn’t self-pitying. Getting out of self-pity has been an important part of my work in recent yea..." READ MORE