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Nice Guy to Confident and Powerful

"My mother was a strong and independent woman. Very much so. She was very liberal, and growing up, my household followed that lead. I was raised on ..." READ MORE

Developing Boundaries and Confidence

"I was a doormat for people, a rescuer, a person everyone came to when they had crappy work they wanted done or didn't want to deal with something t..." READ MORE

OM has Helped with My Shyness

"My family are Chinese, our religion is Buddhism, but it's less about religion and more about culture. We rarely share feelings, and sex is verboten..." READ MORE

Workaholic to Alive and Purposeful

"I grew up not wanting to be like my father.  While I wouldn’t call him abusive, my dad was really domineering most of the time. He was a mechanic, ..." READ MORE

Letting Go of People Pleasing

"I was so in my head before Orgasmic Meditation. You could have called me anti-social, but I wouldn’t have. I just didn’t know how to express myself..." READ MORE

Women Aren’t Delicate Frightened Birds

"I spent my childhood in a series of all-boys boarding schools in England. This was the way it had always been for men in my family, so I didn’t hav..." READ MORE

I Can Face a Woman’s Anger

"My wife and I had a typical story. When we first got together, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. The sex was fantastic. I’d never found an..." READ MORE

Playing An Instrument With Great Precision & Sensitivity

"I love to dance. For years, dancing was the only way I could express my sexuality and passion freely. Yet at one time, even my dancing was superfic..." READ MORE

OM has Expanded my Ability to See, Feel, to be Attentive

"Man, did I have a plan for my life. I started dating the woman I was going to marry on the last day of high school. We went to a movie, saw Don Jua..." READ MORE

From Nice Guy to Honest Man

"The only place I could be honest about my desires was in porn. I’d go home and get drunk and open up my computer and go to town. I spent hours on e..." READ MORE

Finding My Strength in Connection with Men and Women

"I’d always had women friends, and always been bewildered by women at the same time.  When I was in college, I had tons of female friends, but those..." READ MORE

Dropping My Fears and Realizing My Potential with a Woman

"I came to OM when I was stuck in an emotional rut. I had done talk therapy, journaling, retreats, and lots of introspection.  I knew why I was stuc..." READ MORE

Discovering Women, Uncovering Myself

"In my thirties, as a leader in a community devoted to personal growth, I had lots of women interested in me, circling around me. Although I looked ..." READ MORE

Saying Yes to What Brings Me Joy

"You know the old saying, “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot?” It’s the idea that people who are experts at something often fail to practice thei..." READ MORE

Finding the Rightness

"I used to be searching for something that would patch up the holes in my life. Essentially, I was trying to find paints and wallpaper to decorate t..." READ MORE

Visceral Connection

"I was in an elevator in downtown San Francisco with my fiancée and her friends when I realized my life needed to change.  I made a joke, something ..." READ MORE