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I’m Not Afraid to be Who I Am

"I came to OM in the aftermath of a bitter divorce.  My ex and I had children, and we were battling over everything.  I was so wrapped up in the fig..." READ MORE

I Became Someone My Daughter is Proud Of

"Since discovering Orgasmic Meditation at 42, I’ve experienced many openings—the most surprising being a shift toward genuine connection and deeper ..." READ MORE

The Life-Affirming Force of Desire

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, I had a habit of over-achieving, over-working, and, in a painful way, over-serving everyone around me—especially my the..." READ MORE

My Heart Has Never Been Happier

"I remember the last house I bought in Southern California very clearly. I chose it meticulously. It had a pool, a waterfall, and a casita where I c..." READ MORE

My Body Came Back to Life

"Before I found OM, I always felt a hunger. I grew up in China, in a culture where children were supposed to follow instructions—but not express the..." READ MORE

Discerning When to Ask For A Change

"“Why am I numb?” I typed queries into Google, desperate for help. “How can I feel something?” But Google didn't have an answer that made any sense...." READ MORE

Letting Go of Self-Conscious Maneuvering

"I was on a quest to find satisfaction in my relationships with women. As I searched for information on the Internet, I came across groups aimed at ..." READ MORE

Alleviating the Nagging Dissatisfaction

"I was 35 when I sold my first company. After years of hard work, there was this long-awaited payoff.  If I wanted to, I could retire, and live a li..." READ MORE

No Longer Afraid to Speak or Be Noticed

"The first man I lived with was a lot like my parents. Doug was checking all the boxes, and so I was I. We lived in a house I had bought, and we bot..." READ MORE

From Digital Isolation to Taking Risks in Life

"I like to say that my life started at age 30. You’ll see why.I come from a unique background. My mother is from the highlands of Guatemala, and my ..." READ MORE

Learning Vulnerability Led to Healing

"I grew up in a very volatile environment where there was a lot of arguing and fighting. My mother seemed to pick abusive men, and her own anger and..." READ MORE

What My Body Tells Me

"Dread fills me as I'm walking down the street, and I see my mother's car parked up ahead at a gas station. She gets out of her car and stumbles tow..." READ MORE

Melting Rigidity into Presence and Play

"Before I became involved with erotic practices, I felt rigid and robotic. As a wellness practitioner, I touch people all day for massages, facials,..." READ MORE

From Nice Guy to Honest Man

"The only place I could be honest about my desires was in porn. I’d go home and get drunk and open up my computer and go to town. I spent hours on e..." READ MORE

Letting Go of the Big Ball of Stress

"It’s been five years since I started practicing Orgasmic Meditation, and so much has changed. When I started, I was working two extremely difficult..." READ MORE

My Relationships with Other Women Improved

"I learned as a child how to make everything look great on the surface.  As a little girl, smiling in photos, you can see that my hair was always do..." READ MORE

Truly Relating with Women, Without the Pedestal

"I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I was a very sensitive kid, and I grew up in a very rough neighborhood in New York City in the 1970s and ear..." READ MORE

Rediscovering Trust and Connection

"My life was in a nosedive. I was working two jobs, struggling with feelings of chaos and lack of control, and losing my grip on my own life and san..." READ MORE

The Strength of Connection

"Western culture is, in some regards, tragic. We all live in our own house. We kind of know a neighbor or two. We meet when we walk the dog. We know..." READ MORE

OM Gave Me a Connection With My Mom’s Spirit

"My mother brought me to OM. She died in October 2015, and I found OM a year later.  It was her death, though, and her memory, that led me on the pa..." READ MORE

Taking Care of Me

"I’ve always had a gift for bringing people together. As a yoga instructor living in Los Angeles, and throughout my life, I’ve excelled at creating ..." READ MORE

What's Left Is Love

"When I was growing up, it was hard to build friendships with other kids because my father was in the Army, and we were always moving around the cou..." READ MORE

Taking off the Look

"As an independent producer in the film industry in Los Angeles I tried to keep my real self under wraps. Movies and shows, by their very nature, ar..." READ MORE

The Nourished Mother

"My bravado said I could have it all. I could be a single mom, I could have a good-paying job, and I could do it without needing anything for myself..." READ MORE

The Freedom of Confidence

"I was going through hard times. My marriage and business fell apart. I had had a public relations company for nine years – and I’d been married for..." READ MORE

The Opportunity to Play Again

"I was born in Berkeley, California in 1961, and I was raised with an older brother and a younger sister. My mother divorced and remarried several t..." READ MORE

Men Are Vulnerable Too

"My parents grew up in Greece during World War Two. My father was in the underground by the age of 12, living a very adult life. He was a good man, ..." READ MORE

Overflowing with Confidence

"Let me tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be raised a Southern Baptist woman. I swear, all God knew how to say was no. Through his proph..." READ MORE

Desire And The Single Mother

"I missed the exploratory teenage and early 20s years. Being a mom and a wife—I’ve been a mom since I was 16—there’s no chance to explore your sexua..." READ MORE

Slowly Releasing My Trauma

"When I was seven, I decided to leave this world.  My father had died, leaving me with my abusive, mentally ill mother. She was terrifying, unstable..." READ MORE

Trust in Myself

"After fifteen years of yearning for Maria, I was in a steady relationship with her, but I was stuck in the friend zone. No matter how much energy I..." READ MORE

I Let Go of Being A Child

"My parents had me very late in life. I had everything I needed and experienced a very happy and fulfilling childhood. But my parents had a very cle..." READ MORE

The Whole Person

"In early adulthood, I adopted a conventional lifestyle—married with kids, working in the tech field. When I look back on the crossed-wires and prob..." READ MORE

The Power of Being in the Present and Exploring New Things

"Before I discovered OM, I was blessed to have been raised by two great parents. I had a wonderful childhood. I was always very involved with religi..." READ MORE

The Eyes That Give Love Instead of Seek Love

"I grew up the youngest of three kids in a very well-educated family. My brother and sister were mega-smart, went to much better schools than I did,..." READ MORE

OM reignited my desire after burnout

"I’ve always been a high achiever, and I was always ambitious.  Early on, I started making lists for what I intended to accomplish by a certain age...." READ MORE

Taking Down Walls

"My mother taught me to live in two worlds. There was the white world and the Native world, and as Ojibwe Indians living apart from the reservation,..." READ MORE

From Codependency to Co-Creation

"My husband and I tied the knot when we were very young, and we had been married for about 20 years when we discovered OM. It changed everything. We..." READ MORE

Finding Nourishment through OM

"I was living near Seattle, married, with four step kids when the recession hit. We moved to Texas because there were no jobs in our area, and event..." READ MORE

A Gateway to Empathy

"If you asked me about my spiritual beliefs and practices a few years ago, I didn't really have any. I studied different religious and spiritual bel..." READ MORE

Unconditional Love Others Can Feel

"I always thought I loved my children. I was a good mother, and I worried about them and wanted the best for them.  It was only after I came to OM t..." READ MORE

Setting My Mind Free

"Growing up, my life was rather like that of Cinderella, with the wicked stepmother putting me down all the time. She would beat me and unload all h..." READ MORE

Finding Backbone

"Forty-five years ago, my mother and I came from the Soviet Union to the U.S., two immigrants trying to get grounded in a new place that was the opp..." READ MORE

Feeling Safe Enough to Come Out of Hiding

"At the age of 40, I became a surgeon at a hospital in Oakland, California. I had come from a poor community in the South Bronx, counseled battered ..." READ MORE

Expanding From Rules to Desire

"Community is one of the most important things in my life, and if I think about what I’ve come to love most about Orgasmic Meditation, it’s that I c..." READ MORE

Nourished, Safe, Significant, and Valued

"I first came to Orgasmic Meditation for physical reasons—I wanted to enjoy intimacy and have a deeper connection with my husband. What I ended up g..." READ MORE

Asking For What You Want Has Everybody Win

"In 2012, Hurricane Sandy destroyed a third of my house. My family and I had to evacuate. A few weeks before the hurricane, I could feel a lot of th..." READ MORE

Awake Again

"I was getting ready to go to a social event where I expected to meet interesting, creative people, and I was excited. But as I looked in the mirror..." READ MORE

The Beauty in Everything

"Anxiety ruled my world, but I was not aware of it. I was scared, disconnected, and always pushing. At work, in my relationships, and with myself, I..." READ MORE