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Nice Guy to Confident and Powerful

"My mother was a strong and independent woman. Very much so. She was very liberal, and growing up, my household followed that lead. I was raised on ..." READ MORE

I Learned to be Present in the Moment

"None of my relationships ever seemed to work out. After a string of “monogamous” relationships that would never actually end up being monogamous, I..." READ MORE

Approval For My Anger & Deepest Desires

"I emigrated from Russia to London with my family at age 15. To survive the transition, I learned to project a tough, macho kind of masculinity that..." READ MORE

My Whole Life Opened Back Up

"I found out about OM at a financial group for women. It piqued my interest, so when I got an opportunity, I checked out a video by the founder, and..." READ MORE

The Emergence of My Vitality

"I was taking Tantra classes when I heard about Orgasmic Meditation through people I met in those programs. I was also online dating. One afternoon,..." READ MORE

My Heart Opened

"My mom was always open about sexuality. When I was a kid, she would talk about how sex was a really loving and magical experience. From books and m..." READ MORE

I Gained Sensitivity and Connection to My Instincts

"Between the ages of 16 to 27, I tried so hard to find a girlfriend. I earned a Master’s degree in psychology just to study relationships. I paid or..." READ MORE

I Live By What I Feel

"Before I found OM, I had been celibate and out of relationship for about ten years. I was also in a highly traumatic situation. I was very devoted ..." READ MORE

I Could Relax For The First Time

"This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but the first time I went to an Orgasmic Meditation event, I didn’t realize what it was. A friend dragged me..." READ MORE

The Discipline of Practice

"My life used to be super linear, with a well-defined structure. You were supposed to check off boxes: get married, have kids, save money, retire. M..." READ MORE

The Quality of My Attention

"My goal in life was to be a rescue swimmer, and I was pushing my body hard in that direction. I had been in the military, so I had a vivid masculin..." READ MORE

Staying Present in Intensity

"I grew up in a very permissive agnostic household in California. In high school I accidentally left beer cans in my mom's car after I was driving a..." READ MORE

Understanding & Expressing My Desire

"My journey with Orgasmic Meditation in my 20s helped me get clearer about what I really wanted—and helped me learn to express my desires in a more ..." READ MORE

I Became Comfortable in My Body

"My parents are super conservative, and I grew up with a lot of Catholic shame and guilt. I attended Catholic school until college and was taught th..." READ MORE

Evolving My Attention & Communication

"There was a period of time in early 2016 where I went on an online dating bender. I was sending an average of 15 to 20 messages a day, if not more...." READ MORE

Lifting the Wall of Shame

"I grew up in west Michigan in a pretty conservative Christian community. The culture’s underlying message around sexuality was one of repression an..." READ MORE

I Accessed the Ability to Feel

"The first time I tried Orgasmic Meditation, I realized how numb I was. I just lay there with my pants off, having my clitoris stroked, and felt not..." READ MORE

Stepping into My Emotional Authority

"Through my journey with Orgasmic Meditation, I rediscovered an ability that I’ve had all along, but that I’d suppressed. It’s a capacity to be high..." READ MORE

From Tightly Wound to Soft and Open

"Just before I started OMing, it had become clear by this point in my life that I had a problem with men and relationships. I’d have short flings wi..." READ MORE

I Didn’t Have to be Perfect Anymore

"Growing up I was trained to believe that if I’m going to do something, I have to do it perfectly. Today, I’m at the director level in corporate bus..." READ MORE

I Don’t Have to Perform Anymore

"I grew up in a household that was abusive by the textbook definition.  My parents were both alcoholics and addicts. My father was gone much of the ..." READ MORE

Workaholic to Alive and Purposeful

"I grew up not wanting to be like my father.  While I wouldn’t call him abusive, my dad was really domineering most of the time. He was a mechanic, ..." READ MORE

Women Aren’t Delicate Frightened Birds

"I spent my childhood in a series of all-boys boarding schools in England. This was the way it had always been for men in my family, so I didn’t hav..." READ MORE

Women are a Tiny Bit Less of a Mystery

"If I think about why I went looking for something like OM, it all had to do with this tremendous desire to connect with women. Growing up, I had a ..." READ MORE

I Really Like Who I Am When I’m OMing

"I found out about Orgasmic Meditation through a friend of mine, who invited me to an introductory event. She had a ticket for a guest and knew me w..." READ MORE

Restoring My Sensitivity and Giving Up Drugs and Alcohol

"I had been abstinent for about a month when I came across Orgasmic Meditation. I had grown tired of the nightclubs, of the drug- and alcohol-fueled..." READ MORE

The Useful Lessons of Darkness

"In the early 2000’s, I was working in the Middle East and living the high life. It was all Porsches and polo matches, glamorous apartments and flyi..." READ MORE

My Black and White World Returned to Color

"When I first heard about Orgasmic Meditation, it seemed both mind-blowingly strange and oddly appealing. I couldn’t put it into any category. It wo..." READ MORE

Keeping My Heart Open

"For three years after my husband died, I cried every day. I had been with him for 50 years, married for 45 of them. From the time I was 18, I was w..." READ MORE

The Life-Affirming Force of Desire

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, I had a habit of over-achieving, over-working, and, in a painful way, over-serving everyone around me—especially my the..." READ MORE

My Heart Has Never Been Happier

"I remember the last house I bought in Southern California very clearly. I chose it meticulously. It had a pool, a waterfall, and a casita where I c..." READ MORE

Knowledge That I Have Something to Offer

"As a first generation Chinese American, I grew up being sensitive with little knowledge of what to do with that sensitivity. My parents' first conc..." READ MORE

A Nutrient I had Been Missing for Years

"I found Orgasmic Meditation about a year and a half ago, just after moving to Los Angeles. I moved to LA because I was ready for a life change. I w..." READ MORE

My Body Came Back to Life

"Before I found OM, I always felt a hunger. I grew up in China, in a culture where children were supposed to follow instructions—but not express the..." READ MORE

An Amazing Tool for People on the Autism Spectrum

"I was born in New Jersey, but I grew up in Jalisco, Mexico.  Spanish is my second language.  You hear so much about people who grow up in Mexico th..." READ MORE

Learning to Listen

"I was diagnosed with a learning disability at a rather young age and I attended special, mostly private, schools. I was bullied and picked on a lot..." READ MORE

A Sudden Rush of Wellbeing

"I struggled with depression when I was a young man.  I guess you’d say I was a nerd when I was in school; I was very good at math and science, and ..." READ MORE

Healing Around Racism & Trauma

"I am a Black woman. I carry in my DNA the ancestral memory of the trauma inflicted on Black people, and I have my own bitter, painful experiences o..." READ MORE

The Depth & Joy Only Grew

"Watching my father, I learned not to express emotions or care about other people's emotions. He came from a successful family, while my mother, who..." READ MORE

Finding Strength, Connection, and Untethered Expression

"I grew up in New York as part of a very supportive family. My parents and grandparents always were supportive of me expressing myself however I nee..." READ MORE

Playful & Slow, Without a Need to Rush

"To understand what my world was like before OM, I need to tell you that I grew up in Venezuela.  I don’t want to get political, but the situation i..." READ MORE

The Confidence to Start Dating Again

"After 42 years of marriage, my wife was no longer the person I'd married. At first, we were raising our children, and then we took on the care of o..." READ MORE

I've Become More Comfortable With Other People's Sexuality

"Upstairs at my friend Sally's house, we were playing doctor. I was ten years old. I had heard about the difference between boys and girls, but I'd ..." READ MORE

OM is Just As Much For Men As For Women

"Before OM I had been through three divorces, and I was convinced I was broken, that I would never make my partner happy – which is what I thought w..." READ MORE

You Can’t People-Please Your Way to Your Own Life

"My parents raised me to be a “nice girl.” That meant different things throughout my childhood, starting with keeping myself clean.  Later, it evolv..." READ MORE

In Touch With My Heart

"The first time I heard about Orgasmic Meditation, I had just gotten out of a relationship and was in a really hard place. I’d given him 100% of my ..." READ MORE

A Deeper Comfort With Who I Am

"I was a sensitive kid. It was easy to make me cry, and that seemed to disappoint my parents. The men in my family all seemed strong, and I felt lik..." READ MORE

The Combination of Freedom & Containment

"Growing up, I learned to shut down my emotions. In my family, it didn’t matter how bad I was feeling — I had to suck it up and get an A on my next ..." READ MORE

The Gravity of My Power

"For much of my life, I had difficulty saying what I wanted in relationships. I would get involved in relationships I didn’t want to be in, and then..." READ MORE

Waking Up and Looking Around

"I never used to be able to find relationships that could fulfill my needs. They were all either drama-filled and toxic or boring. A lot of that ste..." READ MORE

Facing Your Demons

"If you have trauma, if you have old pain or grief stored in your body, and you don't have a way of releasing that or detoxing it, you’re stuck and ..." READ MORE

Removing the Shame Garbage

"I used to be completely wild and accepting of my sexuality. I could have had sex even if there were priests in the room next door having lunch. But..." READ MORE

I Have a Spine

"A lover and I once spent two hours trying to make my body reach this place that I knew I had felt before but just couldn’t seem to touch again. I w..." READ MORE

I Could Concentrate on My Own Joy

"I've always been a very practical person.  From the time I was a little girl, I needed to see things to believe them.  I’ve always been very much i..." READ MORE

OM Took Away My Need for Painkillers

"I am well-versed in reading a person or situation for what I believe they expect from me. Before I found the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, whate..." READ MORE

What My Body Tells Me

"Dread fills me as I'm walking down the street, and I see my mother's car parked up ahead at a gas station. She gets out of her car and stumbles tow..." READ MORE

A Catalyst to Accepting My Identity

"I’ve always been driven to learn new things and have lived my life in a deeply immersive way, diving into very deep experiences. In high school I w..." READ MORE

I Was No Longer Numb

"When I was younger I practiced something not unlike Orgasmic Meditation in a commune in California. Then I started a family and started a law firm,..." READ MORE

The Woman I Am

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, I was trying to find a sense of myself and a sense of happiness and joy. I felt stuck around that. Although I was on a ..." READ MORE

The Power to Cut Through Social Conditioning

"As an introvert, I enjoy being alone a lot of the time. However, I recognize the limits of solitude. I have to push myself to find ways of connecti..." READ MORE

A Moment of Becoming the Other

"At seventeen, I left my family and the sheltered world of our fundamentalist Christian community. Although still a child, I was soon working three ..." READ MORE

I Felt Grounded Through the Surprises

"When I married, at the age of 25, I had a romantic, Disney-like idea of how relationships should be, and I was deeply in love. But I noticed the re..." READ MORE

The Caregiver Finds His Own Healing

"Five years before I found OM, my wife had developed an increasingly degrading brain condition. My life became increasingly unmanageable as I tried ..." READ MORE

Valuing my sensitivity

"My whole life, since I was a child, I've had these sensations in my body that tell me what's going on with the people around me. I was a highly sen..." READ MORE

Opening to intimacy

"Before Orgasmic Meditation, intimacy and connection were hidden from me. I wasn’t as authentic, available, or open as I am today. Orgasmic Meditati..." READ MORE

Expanding My Field of Permission

"I had been doing meditations and experiencing beautiful learnings for a while. The practice of OM was an interesting addition and gave me a deep em..." READ MORE

My Practice is with Me Wherever I Go

"If you want your car to run, you need to put gas in it.  If you want your flowers to bloom, you need to water them.  Even little children know this..." READ MORE

Finding My Strength in Connection with Men and Women

"I’d always had women friends, and always been bewildered by women at the same time.  When I was in college, I had tons of female friends, but those..." READ MORE

It’s Not Sex

"I heard about Orgasmic Meditation from an ex-girlfriend who had done a lot of different types of meditation practices over the years. One of my mai..." READ MORE

Dropping My Fears and Realizing My Potential with a Woman

"I came to OM when I was stuck in an emotional rut. I had done talk therapy, journaling, retreats, and lots of introspection.  I knew why I was stuc..." READ MORE

Inner Sensitivity Returns

"I don’t really remember how I found Orgasmic Meditation. But I certainly remember my first OM session. I felt absolutely zero in my genitals. It wa..." READ MORE

Discovering Women, Uncovering Myself

"In my thirties, as a leader in a community devoted to personal growth, I had lots of women interested in me, circling around me. Although I looked ..." READ MORE

OM is the Backbone & the Secret of Life

"Pursuing my OM practice was one of the best decisions of my life. It has improved my life and my relationships, and radically altered my perception..." READ MORE

I Needed to Make Some Noise

"I grew up in a very strong, very Catholic Italian family. It was a boisterous, but tough upbringing. If you did something that was not part of the ..." READ MORE

OM Gave Me a Connection With My Mom’s Spirit

"My mother brought me to OM. She died in October 2015, and I found OM a year later.  It was her death, though, and her memory, that led me on the pa..." READ MORE

I Want Everyone to Have this Freedom

"Before I grew my shell, I had a charmed childhood. I was always empathetic and sensitive, and when I was little, that was a good way to be in the w..." READ MORE

I Discovered Extraordinary Possibilities

"I came to OM at the tail end of a difficult marriage. I’d been married to my husband for more than 10 years, and he had changed me – not for the be..." READ MORE

A New Kind of Power

"I'm a hunter, and I have a high prey drive. It's satisfying to hunt and catch the prey, build the business, raise the children, rescue the animals,..." READ MORE

OM as Self-Care

"When I was seventeen, I discovered a desire for women. At university, I went crazy, meeting lots of women and having a string of monogamous relatio..." READ MORE

Coming Back to Life

"I was an out-and-out workaholic until I ran flat out of energy and spent seven years in bed, suffering from intense migraines. I had moved from Mia..." READ MORE

Sadness No Longer Consumes Me

"A long time ago, I read an article about OM. It stuck in my mind not something for me, but something that could be great for a friend of mine who w..." READ MORE

A Life of Freedom

"As a child I had really overbearing, authoritarian parents and was very shut down. When I grew up there was a failure to launch. Even when I had a ..." READ MORE

Taking off the Look

"As an independent producer in the film industry in Los Angeles I tried to keep my real self under wraps. Movies and shows, by their very nature, ar..." READ MORE

Bringing More Joy to the World

"Emotion was not really encouraged in my family growing up. Anything that rocked the boat was to be avoided. Plus, I was raised Catholic with the pr..." READ MORE

The Gift of Being Uncomfortable

"I crave intimacy, being awake in this life, and connecting with the generosity of the human spirit. The question for me has always been about endin..." READ MORE

OM Transformed Me and Shifted My Perspectives

"When I tell you OM can change your life, you should believe me.  Why?  Because I’m a workshop junkie, and if there’s a practice that claims to make..." READ MORE

The Nourished Mother

"My bravado said I could have it all. I could be a single mom, I could have a good-paying job, and I could do it without needing anything for myself..." READ MORE

Just Being Me

"Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been very sensitive and able to pick up complex unspoken nuances from people around me. I could sense emotions or into..." READ MORE

Confronting Fear & Shame

"I was in law school in Washington, DC when I had my first OM.  It would be my first and last for several years.I was a third-year law student, and ..." READ MORE

The Freedom of Confidence

"I was going through hard times. My marriage and business fell apart. I had had a public relations company for nine years – and I’d been married for..." READ MORE

OM as Metaphor

"I didn't know who I was or what I wanted in life. It was easy for me to go with the flow, which worked fine with friends because I was a chill guy ..." READ MORE

My Internal Landscape Revealed Itself to Me

"I was a graduate student in a Ph.D. program and had just come out of a 10-year relationship that started in high school. We both were really smart ..." READ MORE

Finding Freedom By Listening to My Inner Voice

"I was five when I first saw the ocean, and – as my mom tells me to this day – I started sprinting towards the water the moment I caught sight of it..." READ MORE

Being Real

"My parents were kissing. My father dramatically bent my mother over backwards, and she gushed, “Oh, kiss me!” Even though I was only ten years old,..." READ MORE

OM Helped Me Feel Worthy of the Healing Process

"I was panicked, angry, and despondent. I’d just gone through another breakup with another boyfriend.  There were many issues, but one was my body. ..." READ MORE

Men Are Vulnerable Too

"My parents grew up in Greece during World War Two. My father was in the underground by the age of 12, living a very adult life. He was a good man, ..." READ MORE

Awkward No More

"Growing up I was pretty sheltered and socially awkward, especially around women. I felt uncomfortable because I just didn't know what to do or say...." READ MORE

Finding the Truth

"I was 30 when I decided that dating was useless. I didn’t mean that I gave up on relationships.  Rather, it became obvious to me that the whole sys..." READ MORE

Thirst Quenching Honesty

"I’d been doing Information Technology work for years, and I felt stuck. I had always been fascinated by science and technology, and I moved to Aust..." READ MORE

It All Comes Down to Asking for What You Want

"My wife and I weren’t unhappy, but we both knew something wasn’t working.  We had been married for 30 years and were both in our mid-50s.  We were ..." READ MORE

Healed in a way that I hadn’t even realized I needed

"Prior to our divorce. My husband and I had what I can only describe as a very big life. We had a seven-bedroom house on nine acres, a beach house a..." READ MORE

I Grew A Greater Empathy Towards Women

"My partner found Orgasmic Meditation and introduced me to it by sending me an online link. She jumped in and did it before I did and thoroughly enj..." READ MORE

People Relax Around Me Because I’ve Learned To Accept My Own Feelings

"My first experience with OM was with my ex-wife.  We hadn’t contacted anyone for coaching -  we just had a book with a rather vague two-page descri..." READ MORE

Back To My Roots

"I grew up hating being an Asian woman. I carried a lot of shame and had a very disconnected relationship with my culture and my family—especially m..." READ MORE

All Women Are Goddesses

"I've been highly sensitive since I was a kid. I could feel what other people were feeling, and I could actually distinguish between what was “mine”..." READ MORE

Staying Conscious In The Rush

"After I graduated college in 2012 I went to work for a Fortune 500 corporation as a software engineer. For as long as I could remember, I had had a..." READ MORE

OM Fundamentally Changed the Way I Think

"Six years ago, I was living in New York City.  I was divorced with three kids and had just extricated myself from a long-term relationship that was..." READ MORE

From Empty to Filled

"When Betty and I started dating, we discovered we had mismatched libidos. During the early years of our relationship, we even joked about it. But e..." READ MORE

Learning to Communicate What I Want

"I've always been hyper-sexual but also had a lot of shame around my desires. My mother was frustrated and repressed. It made her volatile, and I pi..." READ MORE

Learning to Be Spontaneous Again

"I grew up in Azerbaijan, a very small country in southeastern Europe. I don’t remember my life there well, but I do remember being always in motion..." READ MORE

OM Changed Me as A Human Being and A Doctor

"When I was very young, I wanted to save the world. I was also interested in how the body works, so I decided to become a doctor. My first year of m..." READ MORE

The Search for Connection

"When my relationship of four and a half years ended, I acted as though everything was normal. But when I was alone, I felt lost and cried a lot. I ..." READ MORE

The Power of Choice

"My early childhood life was very tumultuous, and I experienced a lot of childhood trauma. Sexual trauma was only part of it. There was also a lot o..." READ MORE

I Let Go of Being A Child

"My parents had me very late in life. I had everything I needed and experienced a very happy and fulfilling childhood. But my parents had a very cle..." READ MORE

From Introvert Geek To Whole New World

"Before OM I was a typical introvert geek, not in touch with my feelings, unaware of my body, very cerebral and in my head. And yet I really was not..." READ MORE

From Needing Approval to Offering Confidence

"Despite the fact that I’ve always experienced a lack of confidence in meeting the opposite sex, for some reason I’ve always attracted beautiful wom..." READ MORE

Learned the Vulnerabilities of Humanness

"Before I was introduced to OM, I was working on a lot of art projects and was really focused on my work. I was extremely dialed in and felt motivat..." READ MORE

The Whole Person

"In early adulthood, I adopted a conventional lifestyle—married with kids, working in the tech field. When I look back on the crossed-wires and prob..." READ MORE

Opening Up My Preferences

"When I was growing up, following the teachings of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, I was striving to be obedient and pure. My religion pro..." READ MORE

The Best Me

"I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and my best memories are of playing baseball, handball and stickball. When I got a little bigger, I played high sc..." READ MORE

Oh, This is So Beautiful

"For most of my life, I never spoke about my emotions with anyone, even my closest friends. I believed it was weak to be vulnerable about my feeling..." READ MORE

Becoming Visible

"Growing up, visibility was a big issue for me. All my life I felt largely unseen. It was so bad that walking down a city street people would run in..." READ MORE

I Am A Feminine Person

"From the time I was little, I wanted to be close to women. I want to begin my story with that, because that’s tied into everything before I came to..." READ MORE

The Eyes That Give Love Instead of Seek Love

"I grew up the youngest of three kids in a very well-educated family. My brother and sister were mega-smart, went to much better schools than I did,..." READ MORE

Free to Be Me Because of OM

"During University I spent a lot of time infatuated with certain women, but I couldn’t take action. I spent a lot of time fantasizing about relation..." READ MORE

Shattering The Masks

"I grew up in India where love messaging is very confusing. My parents would punish me by beating me with a belt, all the while saying, “I love you...." READ MORE

From Anger to Adventure

"I was really shy and sensitive as a little kid, and I would cry easily. Then one day when I was about eight years old, my mom took me to a movie. I..." READ MORE

Now, I Make Things Happen

"I did not come to OM at a low point in my life.  If you’d asked me, I wouldn’t have said I was unhappy. I had a very successful business and had ju..." READ MORE

Seeing Through the Veil

"I’m a massage therapist, and I make my living touching people.  I’ll say more about that later, but one key reason I went into massage was because ..." READ MORE

Looking For the Magic Formula

"I was living in Sydney, Australia, working at a law firm, progressing towards becoming a senior associate, gunning for partnership. I had a nice ap..." READ MORE

OM Removed Fear And Opened The Door To Intimacy

"My philosophy of life is all about growing, and I've been on a journey of wanting to dig deep. I’ve done Vipassana retreats and meditation and Five..." READ MORE

OM gave me the courage to live

"Keep your expectations low, and you won’t be disappointed.  I believed that for as long as I can remember.  It’s not a message I got explicitly fro..." READ MORE

There’s No Going Back

"I grew up in the south of England in Dorset. Like most people, I didn't have a strong education regarding sexuality or how to manage myself in soci..." READ MORE

Finding Nourishment through OM

"I was living near Seattle, married, with four step kids when the recession hit. We moved to Texas because there were no jobs in our area, and event..." READ MORE

Life is a Playground; You Know How to Play

"I grew up being a good girl.  I want to start with that because it defined who I was for so long, and it’s at the heart of what I’ve overcome.  For..." READ MORE

More Possible Than I’d Imagined

"I hit my bottom in a mine.  I like telling people that. I’ve been a miner for most of my adult life, and I’m 39 – so I have more experience than mo..." READ MORE

Living in Resonance

"By the time I was 30, I had what most people thought was a dream job.   When I told people what I did for a living, they would reply, “That’s so ex..." READ MORE

A Powerful Place to Be

"In college I really enjoyed computer programming because it felt like fun puzzle solving. I could also write interactive little games and create th..." READ MORE

Learning To Slow Down

"Before I discovered OM, I was at a place in my life where self-care wasn’t high on the agenda. I had a massage practice with plenty of clients, and..." READ MORE

Immediate & Dramatic Shift

"Before I found the OM practice, my existence occurred in a state of perpetual denial when it came to feeling my own feelings. You could say I was a..." READ MORE

The Shy Lad

"As a lad I was shy around women.  On a date I’d engage in the normal questions and get to know them. I’m good at that. I’d get them really talking ..." READ MORE

A Union of Logic and Emotion

"Before I discovered OM, I would go on dates, but I couldn’t really connect emotionally with women, even with my girlfriend at the time. I would hav..." READ MORE

All Relationships Are A Practice

"When my husband left me with three little children, I was heartbroken. Everything was overwhelmingly difficult to deal with. I let the post pile up..." READ MORE

Deactivating Jealousy

"Many of us have an Achilles’ heel that will show us where we need to shine a light for healing and personal growth. For me, that vulnerable spot is..." READ MORE

The Acceptance Spread to the Rest of My Life

"Back in 2014 I had a lot of emotional releasing to do. I’d been dating a narcissist and was mourning the breakup of that codependent relationship. ..." READ MORE

A Gateway to Empathy

"If you asked me about my spiritual beliefs and practices a few years ago, I didn't really have any. I studied different religious and spiritual bel..." READ MORE

OM Helped Me Step Outside Of My Comfort Zone And Into My Life

"When I discovered orgasmic meditation in my late 30s, I was reassessing different areas of my life. I was doing well in my career and making good m..." READ MORE

A Bigness To Where I Am Now

"When I came to OM, I looked like I had it all. I was on a very popular TV show at the time.  My career as an actress had taken off.  I had great fr..." READ MORE

Rewired to Think About Other People

"I had been struggling with depression and unhappiness for years.  Not the kind of depression that puts you in a hospital, more of what I remember a..." READ MORE

I Found My True Voice In OM

"An ex-boyfriend brought me to OM, and he did it in hopes of salvaging our relationship.  It didn’t save us as a couple, but it changed me and my li..." READ MORE

Not Taking a “No” Personally

"Before finding OM I was frustrated around my sexuality. I always felt that I never got the connection I wanted. There was always this feeling that ..." READ MORE

The Currency of Connection

" I was one of the best printed circuit designers in the world. It's like doing artwork for the semiconductor industry. I helped a four-person start..." READ MORE

I melted anger and numbness into connection

"Staying ConnectedThere was a time when the only way for me to survive was to numb myself to the world, not just mentally but physically as well. I ..." READ MORE

Sustained Intimate Connections

"I grew up in India, and I immigrated to the United States 25 years ago.  I’m 51 now, and until very recently, my entire focus has been on survival...." READ MORE

The Desire Needs No Other Justification

"I grew up being talked out of my dreams.  I was raised in a small town in northern British Columbia. It was a remote community, and a conservative ..." READ MORE

I Am More Adaptable with My Wife

"The yoga class was ending, as always, with the students coming out of the corpse pose, the final relaxation. That is, most of the students. “Start ..." READ MORE

I Don’t Have to Wait

"My brother and younger sister had a lot of plans for their lives. After retirement they both planned to travel and do all the things they weren't a..." READ MORE

The Masculine & Feminine Connection

"Growing up, I was pretty shy and reserved. I had a hard time connecting with people, and I was numb to my emotions. My strategy for dealing with li..." READ MORE

The Goth Stroker

"I was always a bit of a misfit.  I did not do well at school, particularly socially.  I couldn’t wait to get out.  If I’d been born 30 years later,..." READ MORE

Tapping the Energy

"I'm ten years old, and I'm lying on my bed in the middle of the day. I can feel energy streaming through my body, creating visual patterns, wrappin..." READ MORE

Attune To The Unpredictable

"“How on earth can you be late three times in three weeks?” my boss said. “I haven't been late once in the last eleven years.” It was one of my firs..." READ MORE

Stepping Out Of The Box

"The moment of truth came while my husband and I were sitting in a hot tub with a group of friends at the end of a night of partying. I was relaxed ..." READ MORE

Cracking Open the Cage

"I grew up in California, in a conservative Indian family. One of my parents is a chemist, and the other is an engineer, so there was a strong focus..." READ MORE

Free To Be An Explorer

"I’ve done many, many things in the last 40 years that have been part of the journey ofbecoming more of who I am. I found Orgasmic Meditation throug..." READ MORE

Learning To Find My Yes

"During the training period of becoming a doctor, through years of school and residency, I was too busy to date anyone. Once my career was launched,..." READ MORE

Seeing That What I Wanted Was In Front of Me

"Before I discovered OM, I was living in a constant state of seeking something that would make me feel whole, connected, and in touch with myself an..." READ MORE

Unwinding the Teachings of the Church

"When the Matrix came out, 20 years or more ago, I realized how much I identified with Neo. Like Neo, I knew that something was off in the world, so..." READ MORE

Hunting, Fishing… OMing?

"I’m a pretty conservative business owner, and I wouldn’t call myself verbose. My baseline for communication before OM was “I’m good.” I didn’t know..." READ MORE

A Logical Guy Remembering How To Feel

"I grew up an anxious kid and I became an anxious adult.  I know that’s not uncommon, but for so much of my life, I was worried that I wasn’t good e..." READ MORE

The Softening Of My Heart

"I’m 35 years old, and I’ve been OM-ing for five years.I’d say that the defining characteristics of my life before I found OM were conflict and scar..." READ MORE

OM Peels The Layers Off

"I don't actually remember how I found out about Orgasmic Meditation. But I was living in New York City at the time, and I went to a couple of event..." READ MORE

Power in Not Knowing the Answer

"I was born in India, and I was introduced to meditative practices early in my life. For my family in particular, and my culture in general, learnin..." READ MORE

Learning To Ask For What I Want

"I’m a Melbourne-born Australian, and it comes with a certain amount of cultural freight—namely baggage. While I wasn’t one to make a local tavern m..." READ MORE

OM is Equally Beneficial for Men

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Opening to Feeling

"I was raised in a really open and beautiful family. In high school I started reading books on comparative religions and studied the common thread a..." READ MORE

The Hero Learns to Take Care of Herself

"I grew up an Army brat. Until I was twelve, my family moved all over the world as my parents were transferred from base to base. At one point, betw..." READ MORE

Putting My Attention On What I Want

"Before I discovered Orgasmic Meditation, I was deeply unhappy, a man who had no idea what would bring him contentment in any area of his life. I di..." READ MORE

Transitioning Back to Female

"Although I was born into a female body, I lived as a male from the age of thirteen to my early twenties. To me, the feminine seemed to be an inhere..." READ MORE

Expand into Truth and Resilience

"As a performance artist and an entrepreneur, I was bucking the expectations of my conservative family. While living in Washington DC, I expressed m..." READ MORE

I Now Have Deep Intimate Relationships With Women

"Growing up in a Catholic family, I was raised to believe that the goal of dating was to just find someone to marry. Sex wasn’t discussed, other tha..." READ MORE