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Connecting to My Anger

"I’ve been on a long journey of personal development. It began twenty years ago when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I went through a lot..." READ MORE

OM Helped My Crohn’s Disease

"At 22 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The symptoms and debilitating flare-ups became so bad that it led to an invasive surgery in college. Af..." READ MORE

My Restless Leg Syndrome Became Manageable

"I first heard of Orgasmic Meditation through my girlfriend. When she asked me if I would be interested in learning the practice,  I was an enthusia..." READ MORE

This Practice Lifted The Gray Film of Depression Off Me

"The first thing I got from Orgasmic Meditation was the lifting of a lifelong depression. Long ago, a therapist told me, “Your normal is low-level d..." READ MORE

Rewiring My Ability to Receive

"“Who are these men?” I remember thinking, the first time I heard about Orgasmic Meditation. I was skeptical. My friend who was telling me about the..." READ MORE

Finding Life in the Midst of Leukemia

"I grew up in a fairly unusual household. Because of that I think I spent most of my adult life trying to create some sort of normalcy. I became a s..." READ MORE

Love Myself No Matter What

"Throughout the course of my life I have experienced a bunch of micro-sexual traumas—boundary violations with my brother, sexual gaslighting from my..." READ MORE

OM Took Away My Need for Painkillers

"I am well-versed in reading a person or situation for what I believe they expect from me. Before I found the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, whate..." READ MORE

Living in Full Color

"The old me was all about “production over feeling.” I got a real hit on achieving and accomplishing things and putting the latest notch in my belt...." READ MORE

The Power of Slowing Down

"I used to come on strong when relating to others—especially women—with fast-paced conversation and a need to perform. Through the path of Orgasmic ..." READ MORE

From Workaholic to Feminine empowerment

"I was raised to be a good Southern Baptist. In a sense, I still am one. But as a female, I was a second-class citizen to begin with—so I had to ove..." READ MORE

Coming Back to Life

"I was an out-and-out workaholic until I ran flat out of energy and spent seven years in bed, suffering from intense migraines. I had moved from Mia..." READ MORE

The Sensitivity & Wisdom of My Body

"Before discovering OM, I felt so disconnected from my body after experiencing a traumatic life event. I felt closed and tight, and I badly wanted t..." READ MORE

Celebratory Moments

"I came into this life with very few appetites. When I was in high school and my first years at college, I had a lot of friends, including male frie..." READ MORE

OM Helped Me Feel Worthy of the Healing Process

"I was panicked, angry, and despondent. I’d just gone through another breakup with another boyfriend.  There were many issues, but one was my body. ..." READ MORE

It’s All There for You

"I had a very clear plan for my life. I’d always been intensely goal-oriented and focused, and I had a timetable for when I wanted to accomplish cer..." READ MORE

The Search for Connection

"When my relationship of four and a half years ended, I acted as though everything was normal. But when I was alone, I felt lost and cried a lot. I ..." READ MORE

The Power of Choice

"My early childhood life was very tumultuous, and I experienced a lot of childhood trauma. Sexual trauma was only part of it. There was also a lot o..." READ MORE

Walking Through a Magic Door

"I was an anxious, lonely kid. I start with that because that anxious, lonely kid is still part of me, and probably always will be. That little adop..." READ MORE

Becoming What You Already Are

"A friend of mine sent me information about OM and at the time, I had a client who was coming to see me about his girlfriend’s OCD around hygiene. S..." READ MORE

The Eyes That Give Love Instead of Seek Love

"I grew up the youngest of three kids in a very well-educated family. My brother and sister were mega-smart, went to much better schools than I did,..." READ MORE

A Window Opened to Where I Matter

"I grew up in a small town, the elder of two children.  My parents had been childhood sweethearts and had married just out of high school.  We were ..." READ MORE

Destigmatizing Addiction

"I was a bonafide starving student. Near the end of my medical training, as I was about to get licensed, I fell into a coma from low blood sugar. Af..." READ MORE

The Reborn Engineer

"Ten years ago, I was an electrical/mechanical engineer, and I worked in the oil and gas industry. I’d devoted years of education and hard work to r..." READ MORE

Living in Resonance

"By the time I was 30, I had what most people thought was a dream job.   When I told people what I did for a living, they would reply, “That’s so ex..." READ MORE

Learning To Slow Down

"Before I discovered OM, I was at a place in my life where self-care wasn’t high on the agenda. I had a massage practice with plenty of clients, and..." READ MORE

Putting Me First is Better for Everyone

"I found OM right after I started to emerge from one of the darkest periods of my life. My husband was just recovering from a life-threatening illne..." READ MORE

Nourished, Safe, Significant, and Valued

"I first came to Orgasmic Meditation for physical reasons—I wanted to enjoy intimacy and have a deeper connection with my husband. What I ended up g..." READ MORE

Awake Again

"I was getting ready to go to a social event where I expected to meet interesting, creative people, and I was excited. But as I looked in the mirror..." READ MORE

The Beauty in Everything

"Anxiety ruled my world, but I was not aware of it. I was scared, disconnected, and always pushing. At work, in my relationships, and with myself, I..." READ MORE