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I Live By What I Feel

"Before I found OM, I had been celibate and out of relationship for about ten years. I was also in a highly traumatic situation. I was very devoted ..." READ MORE

Somatic Meditation Only Scratched the Surface

"When I was six or seven years old, I developed a lot of awareness and curiosity around what it meant to be alive. From that point on, I became inte..." READ MORE

Stepping into My Emotional Authority

"Through my journey with Orgasmic Meditation, I rediscovered an ability that I’ve had all along, but that I’d suppressed. It’s a capacity to be high..." READ MORE

OM Led Me Back to God

"I was raised in a normal middle class family and had a pretty happy childhood. The only thing that was different is I had a biracial upbringing. My..." READ MORE

Keeping My Heart Open

"For three years after my husband died, I cried every day. I had been with him for 50 years, married for 45 of them. From the time I was 18, I was w..." READ MORE

An Amazing Tool for People on the Autism Spectrum

"I was born in New Jersey, but I grew up in Jalisco, Mexico.  Spanish is my second language.  You hear so much about people who grow up in Mexico th..." READ MORE

Discerning When to Ask For A Change

"“Why am I numb?” I typed queries into Google, desperate for help. “How can I feel something?” But Google didn't have an answer that made any sense...." READ MORE

Healing Around Racism & Trauma

"I am a Black woman. I carry in my DNA the ancestral memory of the trauma inflicted on Black people, and I have my own bitter, painful experiences o..." READ MORE

All About Love

"I heard about Orgasmic Meditation through one of the Tony Robbins programs. Personality-wise, I’m interested in connecting with new people and unde..." READ MORE

OM Made Me A Better Landscape Architect

"I come from a very traditional background. I am a native Sicilian and have lived my whole life in the south of Italy. I come from a long line of ma..." READ MORE

A Catalyst to Accepting My Identity

"I’ve always been driven to learn new things and have lived my life in a deeply immersive way, diving into very deep experiences. In high school I w..." READ MORE

Melting Rigidity into Presence and Play

"Before I became involved with erotic practices, I felt rigid and robotic. As a wellness practitioner, I touch people all day for massages, facials,..." READ MORE

The Power to Cut Through Social Conditioning

"As an introvert, I enjoy being alone a lot of the time. However, I recognize the limits of solitude. I have to push myself to find ways of connecti..." READ MORE

From Nice Guy to Honest Man

"The only place I could be honest about my desires was in porn. I’d go home and get drunk and open up my computer and go to town. I spent hours on e..." READ MORE

The Caregiver Finds His Own Healing

"Five years before I found OM, my wife had developed an increasingly degrading brain condition. My life became increasingly unmanageable as I tried ..." READ MORE

From Good Shy Guy to Confident Trustable Man

"I grew up in New York City, in a working-class family.  My parents were immigrants from the Dominican Republic; eager to get ahead and to ensure th..." READ MORE

Learning to Trust Men

" “What kind of hippy stuff is that?,” was my first reaction to learning about Orgasmic Meditation, about seven years ago, two years before I OMed f..." READ MORE

OM Made Me a Better Healer

"When I discovered OM around age 30, I was pretty firmly locked into the interwoven identities that I had chosen for myself. Healer. Festival-goer. ..." READ MORE

Being Okay with Whatever Happens

"For a long time, I lived a life of fun and entertainment and excitement, drinking and having a good time. I totally let myself go physically and le..." READ MORE

A Great Big Reservoir Inside Me

"From the time I was little, I always oscillated between the extremes of grandiosity and low -- often very low -- self-esteem.  It was hard for me t..." READ MORE

Expanding Into Joy

"Though I live in New York City as a teacher, artist, and textile designer, I was brought up in England. And I was bound in a certain conditioning a..." READ MORE

Bringing More Joy to the World

"Emotion was not really encouraged in my family growing up. Anything that rocked the boat was to be avoided. Plus, I was raised Catholic with the pr..." READ MORE

Connection and Solitude

"My last name falls near the end of the alphabet, so I spent many years of my childhood sitting in the back of the classroom, because our classrooms..." READ MORE

Celebratory Moments

"I came into this life with very few appetites. When I was in high school and my first years at college, I had a lot of friends, including male frie..." READ MORE

OM Transformed Me and Shifted My Perspectives

"When I tell you OM can change your life, you should believe me.  Why?  Because I’m a workshop junkie, and if there’s a practice that claims to make..." READ MORE

Refining My Ability to Observe Details

"I've always been drawn to a wide range of spiritual practices, starting with the Baptist religion of my Midwestern family. When we moved to a town ..." READ MORE

Confronting Fear & Shame

"I was in law school in Washington, DC when I had my first OM.  It would be my first and last for several years.I was a third-year law student, and ..." READ MORE

Finding Freedom By Listening to My Inner Voice

"I was five when I first saw the ocean, and – as my mom tells me to this day – I started sprinting towards the water the moment I caught sight of it..." READ MORE

The Opportunity to Play Again

"I was born in Berkeley, California in 1961, and I was raised with an older brother and a younger sister. My mother divorced and remarried several t..." READ MORE

Healed in a way that I hadn’t even realized I needed

"Prior to our divorce. My husband and I had what I can only describe as a very big life. We had a seven-bedroom house on nine acres, a beach house a..." READ MORE

The Body is the Compass

"I grew up Mormon.  There’s a lot of shorthand in saying that.  There were beautiful things about my family growing up, but for the most part, it wa..." READ MORE

The Best Me

"I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and my best memories are of playing baseball, handball and stickball. When I got a little bigger, I played high sc..." READ MORE

Finding Unconditional Gratitude

"I wasn’t a young man when I came to OM.  I was the age at which most people retire.  I had just been retired, as it turned out, and very much again..." READ MORE

From Codependency to Co-Creation

"My husband and I tied the knot when we were very young, and we had been married for about 20 years when we discovered OM. It changed everything. We..." READ MORE

There’s No Going Back

"I grew up in the south of England in Dorset. Like most people, I didn't have a strong education regarding sexuality or how to manage myself in soci..." READ MORE

A Powerful Place to Be

"In college I really enjoyed computer programming because it felt like fun puzzle solving. I could also write interactive little games and create th..." READ MORE

OM Saved Our Marriage

"I was always somebody who looked at life as a great big apple. I always wanted to taste it all – or at least as much as I could.Going back to my te..." READ MORE

I Became Fully Present

"I'm 52 years old, and I’ve been on a spiritual path since I was 21. I’ve tried countless modalities, but all have revolved around personal growth o..." READ MORE

Setting My Mind Free

"Growing up, my life was rather like that of Cinderella, with the wicked stepmother putting me down all the time. She would beat me and unload all h..." READ MORE

The Goth Stroker

"I was always a bit of a misfit.  I did not do well at school, particularly socially.  I couldn’t wait to get out.  If I’d been born 30 years later,..." READ MORE

Tapping the Energy

"I'm ten years old, and I'm lying on my bed in the middle of the day. I can feel energy streaming through my body, creating visual patterns, wrappin..." READ MORE

Attune To The Unpredictable

"“How on earth can you be late three times in three weeks?” my boss said. “I haven't been late once in the last eleven years.” It was one of my firs..." READ MORE

Seeing That What I Wanted Was In Front of Me

"Before I discovered OM, I was living in a constant state of seeking something that would make me feel whole, connected, and in touch with myself an..." READ MORE

Changing How I Experience the World

"Everything about OM transformed everything about me. From the warmth and openness of the community, to the physical and psychological experience of..." READ MORE

A Logical Guy Remembering How To Feel

"I grew up an anxious kid and I became an anxious adult.  I know that’s not uncommon, but for so much of my life, I was worried that I wasn’t good e..." READ MORE

The Softening Of My Heart

"I’m 35 years old, and I’ve been OM-ing for five years.I’d say that the defining characteristics of my life before I found OM were conflict and scar..." READ MORE

Learning To Ask For What I Want

"I’m a Melbourne-born Australian, and it comes with a certain amount of cultural freight—namely baggage. While I wasn’t one to make a local tavern m..." READ MORE

The Many Varieties of Letting Go

"“Slow down,” my mother said. “You're taking the curves too fast.”She was right. I was driving just a little too fast. She wasn't even being mean. B..." READ MORE

Opening to Feeling

"I was raised in a really open and beautiful family. In high school I started reading books on comparative religions and studied the common thread a..." READ MORE

The Hero Learns to Take Care of Herself

"I grew up an Army brat. Until I was twelve, my family moved all over the world as my parents were transferred from base to base. At one point, betw..." READ MORE


"Kids in my class were talking about a constellation. “It's the Big Dipper,” one of them said. “But the Big Dipper isn't out this time of year,” I s..." READ MORE

Nourished, Safe, Significant, and Valued

"I first came to Orgasmic Meditation for physical reasons—I wanted to enjoy intimacy and have a deeper connection with my husband. What I ended up g..." READ MORE

Expand into Truth and Resilience

"As a performance artist and an entrepreneur, I was bucking the expectations of my conservative family. While living in Washington DC, I expressed m..." READ MORE

Awake Again

"I was getting ready to go to a social event where I expected to meet interesting, creative people, and I was excited. But as I looked in the mirror..." READ MORE

The Little Push into Maturity

"I think the best thing that can ever happen to any of us is to realize just how much we don’t know.  What set me on the journey to OM was the reali..." READ MORE